Modeliosoft is proud to introduce our new Modelio 3.4 version, which still increases its benefits by bringing new exclusive features.

New Modelio Studio tool

Modelio studio is a graphical tool dedicated to defining extensions for Modelio (modeling capacities, services …) without programming. Based on defining the elements hereunder, Modelio Studio generates « Modules » that package and disseminate the extension to Modelio Users.

  • Model of profiles that extend UML, BPMN, requirements, or any Modelio model element
  • Definition of new types of diagrams
  • Definition of new menus
  • Definition of document templates
  • Definition of Patterns that automate the modeling activities
  • Integration of model processing code (Java, Jython, ...)

Modelio Studio is part of Modelio Modeler version 3.4.

modelio studio interface
Figure 1 - Modelio Studio

Extended TOGAF support by Modelio Enterprise Architect Solution

Modelio provides a comprehensive support of Enterprise Architecture modeling that covers all dimensions (Business, Application Architecture, Technical Architecture, and Data). It supports requirement analysis, goal analysis, traceability and impact analysis.

Modelio 3.4 improves the TOGAF modeling support through:

  • Dedicated forms for the edition of the key architecture elements
  • Risk analysis support with dedicated spreadsheet editors, forms, and model elements traceability to risks.
  • Dedicated Matrices for process map and application map purposes, or information flows analysis.
  • Cloud modeling support within the technical architecture.

togaf form
Figure 2 - Business Process definition Form

New Modelio solution for MODAF, DODAF or NAF Architectures modeling

Modelio now supports the military standards (US, UK and NATO) for Enterprise Architecture modeling. Included with the MODAF/DODAF or NAF support, Modelio also supports Requirements analysis, Goal analysis, Risk analysis, Traceability / Impact Analysis, and Data /Database Modeling. Modelio automatically generates documentation according to client’s standards. Modelio can handle the most important model elements through matrices.

modaf ov-1
Figure 3 - DoDAF Model by Modelio

New Modelio SQL Designer version

Modelio SQL Designer now integrates functions dedicated to the major databases, in order to provide a dedicated fine-tuned reverse engineering tool.

Modelio Constellation LDAP Import

Modelio Constellation manages your projects portfolios, whether your organization is distributed or heterogeneous. Modelio thus manages the sharing and distribution of your models, with the access rights and roles of participants.

Its new LDAP import capacity allows the import of your LDAP repository, according to your parameters and filtering instructions. On request, Modelio manages the consistency of Constellation with your LDAP environment.

Modelio 3.4 GUI improvement

Modelio 3.4 improves the modeling ergonomics, and the diagramming capacities. Modelio 3.4 is simpler to use and has higher graphical capacities.