Modelio FAQ

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How does Modelio maintain relationships across the Enterprise Continuum?

Can Modelio models be connected to a BPM Server to execute processes?

Is the ArchiMate support provided by the open source edition, or only by the commercial one?

Do you provide examples of the mappings between the different objects across Archimate, UML and BPMN?

Can impact analysis reach across all three modelling languages?

Are elements in one modelling paradigm being copied and converted, or do they remain linked and synced, so that future changes are synced between modelling paradigms?

Does Modelio provide a unique repository that can be shared with different users?

Do you have case examples of how to use your approach?

If an actor is added in BPMN, how can you auto-update actors in the original Archimate diagram?

Can Modelio import archimate files from Archi or BizzDesign?

When Refinement is used to create a UML diagram from an ArchiMate diagram, does Refinement create new UML objects? ...or are they linked to the ArchiMate diagram? If so, do they share the same metadata values for example?

Does the repository support open interfaces?, for example, can I read data from the repository directly into Excel, Power PI, Plataeu, etc.

Can you generate code from the detailed models?

Given that each modeling language is continually evolving without any coordination with other modeling languages, how do we ensure the old models are not broken and continue to reap the benefits of traceability and impact analysis across domains?

Does this tool support MDA techniques as templates to convert automatically high-level models into lower-level and physical models?

Is Modelio the tool that overlays ArchiMate, UML and BPMN?