Leverage the expertise of our consultants to minimize risk and maximize
return on your investment in Modeliosoft products

Service Overview

Benefit from years of experience and best practices knowledge on strategically using Modeliosoft products to meet your business objectives. Our consultants have deep knowledge of Modelio and Modeliosoft products, and are skilled at creating custom implementations of Modeliosoft products for customers with specific needs. Should you have specific issues with Modelio, specific needs regarding your repository or specific migration requests between Modelio versions, our expert consultants will be able to provide you with a solution.

We are able to assist with:

  • Installation and Configuration: Once a Modeliosoft products has been installed, our consultants can help your team get ready to use the tool the right way. They will configure Modelio, define usage rights options, set up the multi-user environment and SVN settings, and provide useful tips and advice.
  • Best Practice Implementation: Modeliosoft can coach your teams, through examples directly related to your needs, how to properly carry out model-driven development or roundtrip engineering, how to generate the documentation you need, and how to organize work between different teams.
  • Customization: Modeliosoft can develop new modules to extend and adapt Modeliosoft products to your particular methodologies and practices, or to provide specific code generation for your targets. These modules can either be owned by you, or published as open source extensions in order to promote future work on their evolution. Modeliosoft can also provide specific document generation templates, tool couplings and macros.
  • Review and Optimization: Modeliosoft consultants can review your existing Modelio-based workflows and business processes and suggest ways in which these can be optimized to reduce risk, compress timelines and increase project efficiency.

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Examples of Modeliosoft Consulting Projects

  • MDA components supporting methodology and mapping on technical frameworks for all the business units of a large-scale account in the field of defense electronics.
  • Model-driven support of an open source framework for an insurance company, using J2EE, Struts, Spring and Hibernate.
  • Dedicated modules combined with an off-the-shelf Java generator for increased security system development productivity in the telecommunications industry.
  • Methodological support for an SOA-based approach generating an application on the J2EE platform in the insurance industry.