From defining the common modeling language to organizing and managing the repository

Benefit from the experience of our consultants and their strategic use of Modelio products to reach your professional goals.

Customize your use of Modelio products.

If you have certain requirements for your repository or you have a specific migration request, our consultants are at your disposal to find the most appropriate solution.

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Our approach


Our services

Installation and configuration

Once the product is installed, our consultants will assist you in the handling of the tool:

  • Modelio configuration
  • Definition of usage options
  • Determining the multi-user environment
  • Transmission of tips and tricks

Implementation of best practices

Our consultants can coach your teams through examples directly related to your needs:

  • How to develop models with high added value
  • How to optimize the models and the repository
  • How to generate the documentation you need
  • How to organize work between different teams


The Modelio solution allows you to develop new modules to:

  • extend and adapt your products to your particular methodologies and practices,
  • automate services with high added value (document generation, audit, impact analysis, dedicated code generation, ....)

These modules can be either proprietary (they belong to you) or published as Open Source Extensions to encourage future developments. Modelio can also provide document templates, tool couplings and specific macros.

Review and Optimization

Our consultants can review your models (business, application, technical, ...) developed with Modelio.

They help you to optimize them to:

  • maximize their added value,
  • increase expressiveness and consistency,
  • use the full potential of standards and Modelio,
  • share best practices adapted to your context.

Some references


Sector Construction
Country Belgium
Need Development of an application map of the existing state of affairs, from a transversal point of view.
Solution Use Modelio as a repository of the Information System and to producce documentation.


  • Training in Modelio solution and ArchiMate language
  • Creating an Information System Repository in the Modelio solution (in SaaS mode)
  • Analysis of existing documentation and organization of workshops / interviews by application
  • Collection of information concerning the different applications of the ERP
  • Development of application sheets and a summary to facilitate the modeling work
  • Modeling of application views to elaborate, thanks to the Modelio solution, an overview of the ERP


Sector Insurance
Country France
Need Creation of applications to be integrated in the IS of the pension fund and the health fund and manage customer requests with these applications.
Solution Use of TOGAF-based enterprise architecture, process mapping, methodological consulting, application architecture and process modeling.


  • On-site training (Nouméa, New Caledonia) : TOGAF, BPMN, UML, Modelio
  • Process modeling
  • Code Generation for Modeled Applications
  • Implementation of applications in the IS
  • Audit


Sector Social protection
Country Ivory Coast
Need Development of the master plan of the information system.
Solution Complete overhaul of the IS and the entire organization of the company based on the use of enterprise architecture with TOGAF and process modeling with BPMN.


  • Modelio tool, BPMN and TOGAF training
  • Enterprise Architecture assistance
  • Business analysis assistance

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