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Upcoming webinars

The webinars published here present new features or technologies implemented in the Modelio environment and integration of this environment in real-life projects.

New webinars will be added on this page and our future webinars will be announced here, so make sure you come back regularly or follow us on social networks to be notified.

Discover the new tools and techniques for Enterprise Architecture modeling using standards

Duration : 55:50

With Modelio BA, the entire Enterprise Architecture is formalized in a single repository, from the vision of the enterprise to the solution.

Modelio Server - Model repositories at the Enterprises and Systems scale

Duration : 21:40

The new tool Modelio Server ensures the models and projects governance, as well as their centralized administration, the setting of indicators and procedures, and the setting of automated tasks such as reports, audit, code generation or continuous integration. Constellation organizes and ensures the sharing of models within and between organizations, even for the most heterogeneous ecosystems. The web administration interface provides a convenient tool to manage and get a synthesis of projects.

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Modelio Web Analyst - Get the most from your requirements

Duration : 20:57

Modelio Web Analyst It brings sharing capabilities and requirements management and total tracability on all deliverables and components of a system or application.

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The Advantages of Combining the ArchiMate®, UML®, and BPMN™ Modeling Standards – Opengroup presentation, dec 2016

The ArchiMate® 3.0 Specification defines a mature modeling language dedicated to Enterprise Architecture. UML® and BPMN™ are widely used modeling languages that complement the ArchiMate® language in several areas. Combining them provides a broader modeling capacity, an ability to provide more details, a global traceability, and impact analysis support.

This presentation shows how Enterprise Architects can benefit from combining standards. It gives examples of models and demonstrates the added value that can be achieved by combining these modeling languages.

See the Webinar in replay mode: https://www2.opengroup.org/ogsys/catalog/D182

Implementation of the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture

Duration : 1:08:56
Langue : French

Streamline business and IT to support business strategy. Introduction to TOGAF, and illustration of its support with Modelio.

Modelio 3.7 innovations

Duration: 48:15
Language: French

Introduction to Modelio 3.7 innovations.