White papers

Bringing you our expertise and experience

The white papers published here present real-life projects and case studies involving Modelio, introducing you to some of the main features of Modelio and helping you get the most out of this powerful and versatile tool. Each white paper can be read separately.

New white papers will be added on this page, so make sure you come back regularly.


Enterprise Architecture to cope with unpredictable situations

The current context of a COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to gain agility to continuously adapt and to overcome the health but also economic crisis.

How to anticipate such crises? Can Enterprise Architecture provide solutions?


World Wide Modeling: The agility of the web applied to model repositories

This paper presents the latest technologies (the Constellation technology) that allow supporting highly decentralized organizations, and agile and open team cooperation.


Improving existing Java code with a UML modeling environment

This white paper will show how the Modelio modeling environment can enable you to improve existing code, enhance its documentation, and assist in the understanding of the architecture of a Java application.


Case study: Achieving better software quality and 30% productivity gains using model-based development

The strategic importance of productivity, quality and rapid time to market drive all companies providing information systems to seek innovative solutions in order to optimize production. This is a client case study about DCNS which obtained productivity gains of 30% on very large systems.


Improve your Java development efficiency with Modelio and UML

This white paper will walk through typical Java modeling use cases and describe how Modelio can be used to model Java architecture.


Organizing a large model-driven software development project - Case study

This white paper is a reminder that numerous tools exist to help assist and automate these activities, notably in the world of open-source applications. An example illustrates how these tools can be used in conjunction with a modeling tool (Modelio), in order to obtain successful model-driven development.


Systems Engineering using Modelio: INCOSE 2012 Symposium's TVC case study

This white paper describes Modelio's capabilities for carrying out Systems Engineering using SysML.