Modelio Document Publisher module

Get professional documents from your system or software model,
always in synch, according to your required document templates

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productModelio SD(extension)
productModelio SA
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Key features

  • Model-driven document generation
  • Generation in Open XML (MS Word), HTML or LibreOffice formats
  • Model-docx synchronization through round-trip facility
  • Large set of "off the shelf" document templates, covering the entire lifecycle
  • Document assembly mechanism
  • Hypertext links between elements, and from diagram contents to elements
  • Inclusion of any kind of external element in the document (graphics, other documents, ...)
  • Document property management
  • Documentation creation wizards
  • Parameterizable stylesheet using MS-Word features or CSS documents
  • Document template editor to define dedicated types of document templates, and to modify the document templates available as standard

Documentation generation

To find out more about what Modelio Document Publisher can do

Professional document generation at your fingertips

A high-quality project means complete, consistent, up-to-date and relevant documentation, but who enjoys authoring documents? And how can you guarantee that documentation standards will be respected?

Modelio Document Publisher makes it easy to write and produce quality documentation, simply by making the most of the models you build. By providing assistance in what you should write, this module ensures that you need only write what is truly necessary, before automatically producing documents of a quality far superior to those created manually.

As an example, you can generate composite documentation that includes a glossary, requirements, a section dedicated to use cases, a section dedicated to class diagrams and a traceability matrix, with hypertext links systematically included.

So let yourself be amazed by the professional quality that you immediately obtain when generating a document using Modelio Document Publisher. You’ll never look back...

Download an example of a document generated by Modelio Document Publisher...

Document Template Editor

Define your own document types through the graphical document template editor

A document template is a sort of detailed table of contents that describes the form that you want a document generated from your model to take.

With Modelio Document Publisher, you can define your own document templates using a dedicated graphical editor with absolutely no programming necessary, to generate documentation that really meets your needs.

Modelio Document Publisher documents

customizationAt your request, Modeliosoft can realize for you dedicated document templates.

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