Modelio Analyst

Analysis of Requirements, Risks, Goals,
Business rules, and Business dictionary,
integrated to the business model and Information System.

included in:
productModelio SD(extension)
productModelio SA
productModelio BA


Key features

  • Analysis of Requirements, Risks and Goals
  • Support of Business Rules and Dictionaries
  • Graphical requirement modeling, compliant with the SysML standard
  • Graphical modeling of these elements combined with other models (UML, BPMN, ...)
  • Spreadsheet editors and dedicated forms
  • Traceability management between Requirements, Goals, Business rules and other models (EA, BPM, IT/UML, ...)
  • Impact analysis
  • Import of Requirements, Goals and Dictionaries from MS-Word
  • Microsoft Excel coupling for import/export/updates
  • Model creation wizards
  • Predefined set of properties allowing a shelfapproach to the analysis of Requirements, Goals, Business rules and Dictionaries
  • Customization of properties to your approach
  • Customizable documentation generation combined with the other parts of the model (Requirements document, dictionary, use case models, analysis models, ... ), traceability matrices.

requirement centred

A single repository for the management of your requirements, goals, risks, ... integrated with your BPMN, UML, ArchiMate, TOGAF, SysML, ... models

impact link editor

On which requirements is your project relying to? What are the goals of the enterprise? What are the terminology and rules of your business?

With Modelio, start with the requirements, goals, business rule and dictionary definition phase and continue seamlessly right through to the analysis and design models.

Modelio supports graphical, standards-based modeling of requirements, goals, business rules and dictionaries, and formalizes the model parts impacted by each Analyst element, as well as the test cases that will check that each requirement has been met.

Modelio’s impact analysis tool identifies the consequences of a change to a requirement, goal, business rule or dictionary (see impact analysis diagram on the right).

Requirements embedded in models

This demo shows the many requirement views (diagrams, spreadsheets, forms, link editors, matrixes, Excel coupling), the generation of document, traceability analysis, connections to other model elements, and the broad usage between several repositories (constellation).


Exclusive : Modelio Web Analyst

Web requirements management tool using the Modelio repository.

Requirements shared by all stakeholders.

Discover Modelio Web Analyst