Modelio Analyst

Modelio Analyst provides complete support for requirements management

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Available as extension* in:


* An extension is a feature or a tool that you can use with a Modelio product. Please note that you need to purchase a license in order to use it. See how licensing works.


  • Vision support, built-in requirement definition (requirements, glossary, business rules, tests, objectives, risks, KPIs)
    Benefit from comprehensive architecture, analysis, and design coverage, including document generation throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Graphical, tabular and form editors
    Define and manage your requirements, goals, terms, and business rules in tabular editors or dedicated diagrams. These elements can be integrated with other models and diagrams (UML, BPMN and others) in order to complete them and define the traceability links.
  • Integration with UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, ...
  • Traceability and impact analysis
    Link any model element to any other (for example, an attribute to a requirement), using different types of traceability links (eg, "satisfy", "verify", "assigned", etc...).
  • Extraction from Microsoft Word / OpenOffice Writer
    Import your requirements into Modelio products from existing documents. They can then be used in detailed analysis and modeling activities.
  • Excel™ coupling and external tools
  • ReqIF, HPQC Import / Export
  • Setting properties
  • Available in lightweight client (Web Analyst)

requirement management in Modelio

Managing your requirements, goals, risks

impact link editor

Which requirements is your project relying on? What are the goals of the enterprise? What are the terminology and rules of your business?

With Modelio, start with the requirements, goals, business rules and dictionary definition phase and continue seamlessly right through to the analysis and design models.


  • supports graphical, standards-based modeling of requirements, goals, business rules and dictionaries
  • formalizes the model parts impacted by each Analyst element, as well as the test cases that will check that each requirement has been met.

Modelio’s impact analysis tool identifies the consequences of any change to the model elements. It helps you to identify the consequences of making changes in your model and adapt it when necessary.


Requirements embedded in models

This demo shows:

  • the many requirement views (diagrams, spreadsheets, forms, link editors, matrixes, Excel™ coupling),
  • document generation, traceability analysis, connections to other model elements,
  • multi-repository usage

Manage your requirements from a web browser:
Web Analyst

ubiquity access

Requirements access

Access your requirements from any location and across a wide variety of tools.

tools profiles

Tools and profiles adapted to users

Allow users, according to their access rights, to edit requirements or to use documents produced by WebAnalyst.

configuration document

Production and configuration of documents

Develop documents in word and HTML format, customizable according to the methodology and customer requirements.