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Service overview

Modeliosoft provides technical support services to Modeliosoft products customers who have chosen to purchase support along with their Solution. The expert Modeliosoft support team can provide with help and assistance, either by email or phone, on any issues regarding a Modeliosoft product, or a previous versions of Modelio (1.x) or Objecteering.

For example, our support team can:

  • help you migrate from a previous version
  • recover a repository after a system crash
  • update licenses in the case of computer hardware changes
  • help you update to a newer version of Modelio

In the event that an issue or request requires further investigation or development, your support team contact will make sure that the Modelio development team give high priority to identified issues or requests.

Contact us

The contact details for our support service are provided to each Modeliosoft product customer who has selected this option.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

Holidays and notices of closure

Please be advised that our Support Department will be closed from July 22nd 2018 to August 12 2019 (inclusive).

For any urgent matters, please contact our sales team.
Thank you for your understanding.