Learn how to use Modeliosoft products for all your analysis, design and development needs

Service Overview

Modeliosoft provides on-site or classroom training sessions for all users  of Modeliosoft products. This training can be provided as coaching sessions oriented to a customer's particular needs and targets.

Training is led by our Modeliosoft experts, who are well-versed in new architectures and methodologies and have the technical skills and in-depth knowledge to make your deployment of Modeliosoft products as smooth as possible with regard to your specific needs. Training sessions can take place either on Softeam's premises or on customer premises for teams around the world.

Content and Pricing

Training in Paris, Rennes, Nantes and Sophia-Antipolis # days Ref
Model-driven engineering with Modelio    
Modelio Analyst: Goals, requirements, dictionary, business rules. risks, tests 1 4MAN
Modelio Modeler: UML modeling, document publishing and teamwork. 1 4MUM
Modelio Java Designer: Model-driven Java development with Modelio. 1 4MJA
Modelio C# Designer: Model-driven C# development with Modelio. 1 4MCN
Modelio C++ Designer: Model-driven C++ development with Modelio. 1 4MCP
Modelio MDA Designer: Extending models with Modelio Studio, programming model transformations, writing scripts, writing code generators and creating document templates. 2 4MMB
Modelio SQL: Modeling, generating and reversing your relational database schemas. 1 MSH
Modelio Constellation: Centralized administration and configuration of Modelio projects (management of project portfolios, management of users, roles and access rights). 1 CT1
Modelio SysML: Modeling requirements, structure, behavior, flows and systems allocations. 2 4DSY
TOGAF: Modeling enterprise architecture with Modelio and the TOGAF framework, following the phases of the ADM cycle (Vision, Business, SI, Technology, Solutions & Opportunities). 2 4TTP
ArchiMate: Modeling enterprise architecture with Modelio and ArchiMate notation (strategy, business, application and technology). 2 MAM


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