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Model with ArchiMate 3.2

Modelio is compliant to the latest version of the ArchiMate standard. This new iteration of the standard offers an evolution of the relationships between ArchiMate elements and a standardization of element representation modes. ArchiMate 3.2 support comes with the availability of new auditing rules to facilitate the detection of errors in enterprise architecture models.

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Easily reuse existing elements in new diagrams

The new model element creation mode is available in all diagrams and formalisms. It allows the reuse of existing concepts by:
  • A targeted search among elements of the same type,
  • Unmasking the selected element instead of creating a new concept.
This function is simply activated by pressing the "CTRL" key when creating an element. It provides a search window for selecting an existing item or creating a new one.



Merge similar concepts within the repository

This new tool allows you to automatically merge elements of the same type within the model repository. When merging, all relationships of the merged elements are preserved. The diagrams, in which the merged concepts appear, are updated automatically; this ensures the quality of the resulting models.

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Customize your diagrams with new document elements

You can now insert formatted text and custom images directly into your diagrams. This allows you to meet specific needs or to use a more friendly representation for business teams.

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ArchiMate Model

  • ArchiMate elements are sorted alphabetically in the model explorer. 
  • In the view creation interface, views are separated into two categories in order to facilitate access to essential views: basic views and specialized views.
  • ArchiMate Import/Export: Specific properties associated to ArchiMate elements are now imported and exported.
  • ArchiMate Import/Export: ArchiMate view descriptions are now imported and exported correctly.
  • ArchiMate views: the graphical option "Show labels" now allows to show or hide labels of ArchiMate relations.
  • New audit rules have been made available to facilitate the detection of errors in enterprise architecture models.

BPMN model

  • Changed colors of Gateways to make them more visible in the "Cobalt" style
  • At the time of its creation, a new BPMN process diagram is blank, without the start and end.
  • The Exclusive Gateways are represented in the most used form by default: the diamond with a cross.
  • When using the element type transformation services in BPMN diagrams, the associated notes remain visible.
  • Labels associated with gateways and events are fully displayed after editing in the "Properties" view.
  • A set of issues related to the resizing of Lanes is fixed.
  • Any Lane of a participant can be resized, not just the first one.
  • When using the BPMN elements grouping service in a sub-process, the associated Sequences Flows remain the same.

Ergonomic evolutions

  • The link anchor system for all diagrams allows relationships to be aligned on the diagram grid. This improves the presentation of your diagrams.
  • When creating a model element in a diagram, it is now possible to edit its name directly.
  • A new command allows you to select all the elements of the same type in a diagram. It can be accessed from the contextual menu and the diagram toolbar.
  • Modelio Server features a new REST API that allows you to monitor project composition, profiles and the list of users with access to the project.
  • To speed up Modelio startup, the update check is no longer imposed at startup. Checking for updates is now launched at the user's initiative by using the "Help \ Check for updates..." menu entry.
  • Jython macros are now executable from the diagram context menu.
  • The Search function is simply accessible via the keyboard shortcut <CTRL>+F
  • Diagrams: improved behavior when moving an element with a "U" link to another element.
  • Diagrams: it is now possible to precisely move the guards of Sequences Flows.
  • The icon for exporting diagrams to Image format is now different from the icon for saving a project, to avoid confusion between the two functions.
  • Improved management of timeouts related to the user authentication system and the license management system.
  • Floating descriptions in HTML format are taken into account when the mouse is moved over the tab of a diagram.

Collaborative work

  • A project configuration option allows to automatically update a shared project when opening it.
  • A project configuration option allows to automatically launch an audit on the whole model when opening the project.
  • It is now possible to take a recursive lock on a sub-project.
  • In collaborative work, you can add contextual information when taking a lock. You can easily find out in which context a lock has been reserved by a project member.
  • In collaborative work, a command allows you to reload a model fragment when loading has failed, especially due to network problems. This option saves a lot of time.
  • Fixed a problem requiring a project to be reopened when changing the lock management work mode on a collaborative model.

Modelio Studio

  • At creation, the names of stereotypes, matrices and other elements are checked to ensure that they comply with Java naming rules.
Workflow configuration and rights management

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Modelio closer to your approach.


Modeling methods are based on cycles where the state (draft, review, published, archived, etc.) of certain elements must be accurately tracked. The

Modelio 5.3 improvements support you at every step thanks to the even better integrated Modelio Workflow extension and the new status bar.

To learn more about the evolutions of Modelio 5.3, register for our webinar offered on May 11, 2023, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. CET (Paris time, UTC+2).


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modelio workflow bis

Modelio 5.3 Workflow extension allows you to monitor and to control changes of the models in your usual working environment. Modelio Workflow makes possible to associate a "workflow" to element(s) and control their state.

The possible states can be customized i.e., you can define the states and the transitions between them in a graphical way. You can also define editing rights and status change notifications per user profile.


workflow configuration rights def v2

Workflow configuration and rights management


element state history

Element state history


modelio bar status

 6  The new Modelio status bar brings a more synthetic visualization of each element’s states in your model. Here's what it looks like:



In this example, the status bar allows you to easily view the synthesis about the selected element:

1.First, its type’s icon icon type 1, its name (“Design”), the edition status: not editable not editable;

2.Then, the element is not locked not locked, it is not modified not modified, and it is revision number 12;

3.Finally, the audit overview, showing the number of errors (2), warnings (1), and advices (0), as well as the number of remaining tests to be processed (0), completed audit means that the audit has finished.


api rest


Modelio 5.3 brings you a new version of REST API: you can now query the users’ information and their rights on each project to manage security.

To find out more about this new version and its benefits, contact us:  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel : + 33 1 30 12 18 40


Our next Modelio version will be focused to improvements and fixes that will make daily use easier. See you in a month!


Modelio 5.1

Modelio 5.1 brings significant improvements to link management in BPMN diagrams, UML activity diagrams, UML state machine diagrams and ArchiMate views. More intuitive and predictable, the new link management also improves visual feedback when creating or editing links.

Regarding anchors and attachments, links are attached to nodes via anchors that are displayed when the link is created or manipulated. The new ergonomics ensure precise positioning and a simple and natural distribution of links on each side of the node. This attachment established by the user will only be modified by an explicit action on his part.

The new position of the links is displayed when the user moves the mouse and sees what the path will be. This dynamic visual feedback applies to the creation or modification of a link and its anchor. When initially drawing a link or re-drawing it later, the user can now impose intermediate waypoints for the link. These points are called "user routing points" and they also benefit from dynamic visual feedback.

Modelio 5.0

Available since January 2021, Modelio V5.0 implements a new server architecture to improve model sharing in a SaaS architecture.

This new architecture takes the best of each technology:

  • centralized management of access and sharing of models on the server, with the necessary administration functions,
  • rich client functional performance for architects and model design,
  • and the ease of deployment of the thin client for the Reader module allowing consultation of the models in a browser with web access.

For the icons symbolizing the elements, it is now possible to add the libraries of your choice.

The advantages of SaaS are well known: Modelio is now offered as a managed SaaS solution with 2 service levels: Standard and Premium. These new packages give you access to Modelio support and upgrades. When you agree to upgrade to the latest version, no further action is needed on your part.

Contact your sales representative at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

JAVA 11 support

The new Java Architect module, which ensures generation and reverse, supports Java 8 and now
Java 11, allowing the exploitation of the Java Platform Module System (JPMS) in modeling. It replaces the Java Designer module.

Livre blanc - Architecture d'Entreprise

The current context of a COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to gain agility to continuously adapt and to overcome the health but also economic crisis. The white paper "Enterprise Architecture to face unpredictable situations" made available by Modeliosoft will make you discover the importance of modeling your organization to have a broad vision of the company and its ecosystem in order to identify solutions in the event of a crisis and prepare for the future as well as possible.

View the white paper (French language)

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