Modelio 5.1

Modelio 5.1 brings significant improvements to link management in BPMN diagrams, UML activity diagrams, UML state machine diagrams and ArchiMate views. More intuitive and predictable, the new link management also improves visual feedback when creating or editing links.

Regarding anchors and attachments, links are attached to nodes via anchors that are displayed when the link is created or manipulated. The new ergonomics ensure precise positioning and a simple and natural distribution of links on each side of the node. This attachment established by the user will only be modified by an explicit action on his part.

The new position of the links is displayed when the user moves the mouse and sees what the path will be. This dynamic visual feedback applies to the creation or modification of a link and its anchor. When initially drawing a link or re-drawing it later, the user can now impose intermediate waypoints for the link. These points are called "user routing points" and they also benefit from dynamic visual feedback.

Modelio 5.0

Available since January 2021, Modelio V5.0 implements a new server architecture to improve model sharing in a SaaS architecture.

This new architecture takes the best of each technology:

  • centralized management of access and sharing of models on the server, with the necessary administration functions,
  • rich client functional performance for architects and model design,
  • and the ease of deployment of the thin client for the Reader module allowing consultation of the models in a browser with web access.

For the icons symbolizing the elements, it is now possible to add the libraries of your choice.

The advantages of SaaS are well known: Modelio is now offered as a managed SaaS solution with 2 service levels: Standard and Premium. These new packages give you access to Modelio support and upgrades. When you agree to upgrade to the latest version, no further action is needed on your part.

Contact your sales representative at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

JAVA 11 support

The new Java Architect module, which ensures generation and reverse, supports Java 8 and now
Java 11, allowing the exploitation of the Java Platform Module System (JPMS) in modeling. It replaces the Java Designer module.

Livre blanc - Architecture d'Entreprise

The current context of a COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to gain agility to continuously adapt and to overcome the health but also economic crisis. The white paper "Enterprise Architecture to face unpredictable situations" made available by Modeliosoft will make you discover the importance of modeling your organization to have a broad vision of the company and its ecosystem in order to identify solutions in the event of a crisis and prepare for the future as well as possible.

View the white paper (French language)

ArchiMate 3.1 diagram

Make all the actors of the enterprise collaborate around models with version 4.0 of Modelio

Modeliosoft releases version 4.0. of Modelio which reinforces the reliability and ergonomics of Modelio, and offers a major innovation: Modelio - SaaS.

The Modelio SaaS offer

Unique on the market, the Modelio SaaS offer allows users to keep the power of Modelio, and the flexibility of SaaS by offering:

  • Simplified access for teams to the tool and models
  • Synergy of teams through collaborative work support
  • Permanent material and functional support
  • Monthly adjustable license usage
  • An administration made simple (participants, roles, projects, standards, etc.) and delegated (by BU, project manager, etc.)

No training is required for non-expert users
- "read only" mode, to consult the model repository via a web browser
- repository updates via MS-Word / Excel ™

Discover the Modelio SaaS offer

ArchiMate 3.1 standard compliancy

Modelio was one of the first tools to support the ArchiMate 3 standard. It is unique on the market in its ability to combine ArchiMate with UML and BPMN in a global modeling, without discontinuities.

Modelio 4.0 includes support of the latest version of ArchiMate: Archimate 3.1.

modelio archimate 31

See the list of changes

Download Modelio 4.0

Technical diagram

Modelio 3.8.1: GDPR privacy by design

Modeliosoft is proud to introduce our new Modelio 3.8.1 release. It provides issue fixes, improvements and a new tool dedicated to GDPR modeling.

Privaciz Model

Privaciz Model is a new tool. It is included in the Modelio BA product. If you have downloaded another product you can also get it by downloading it separately from this page (please note it is a commercial module).
It offers a modeling support centered on the GDPR concepts (DPO, sensitive data, ...) and possibility to generate high-level documentation.

GDPR Technical Diagram

Privaciz Model provides Enterprise Architecture modeling support, with integrated and integrated support for UML, BPMN, ArchiMate languages, consistent with GDPR modeling.

Download Modelio 3.8.1

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