Release of Modelio Java Solution 2.2 on June 15th 2012

Modelio Java Solution 2.2 enhances developer agility, boosts developer productivity in Eclipse, and improves application quality, even where developers have not used an initial modeling approach.
Based on existing Java code and Java code currently under development, Modelio Java Solution 2.2 consolidates this code, builds architecture overview models in UML, and completes Javadocs with these models.

Benefits brought by new features

  • Update of existing code
  • Construction of design overview models
  • Support of audit and reverse engineering
  • Improved Javadocs

Key features

  • Reverse engineering of existing code, and automatic construction of UML models
  • Construction of package diagrams with overview of inter package/inter-class dependencies
  • Browsing in dependency graphs, analysis of causes
  • Update/generation of Java utility methods
  • Generation of Javadocs integrating UML diagrams, HTML browsing in Javadoc graphs

Key features of the current Modelio Java Solution

Automatic update of Java utility methods

The Eclipse IDE is used to create utility methods (equals, hashCode, toString) from a class definition. However, it does not maintain them, which can cause well know problem, such as bugs and maintenance work. Modelio keeps the Java code consistent, by reversing it and keeping generation "up to date".

Modelio and Java utility methods

Design diagram generation in Javadocs

Never before will you have seen Javadocs as attractive as those produced by Modelio. With Modelio, you can automatically improve all the Javadocs belonging to your existing applications.


See an example of Javadoc produced on the swt library

Reverse engineering and UML diagram construction

  • Modelio analyzes your application (.java, .jar), and builds UML models and diagrams dedicated to Java programmers and designers
  • Class diagrams
  • Package diagrams with dependency overview


Java reverse tool in action

Support for architects: audit and reverse engineering

  • Modelio link editor for browsing inter-package/inter-class dependencies
  • Overview of inter-package dependencies, analysis of causes
  • Automatic creation of UML diagrams (class and package)


Java reverse tool in action


Paris, Thursday 31st May 2012 - "TOGAF in Pratice - Enterprise architecture models" seminar


On the occasion of the release of the first book in French on TOGAF, written by our consulting team, Softeam is pleased to invite you to a free seminar on TOGAF enterprise architecture and its implementation. At the end of the seminar, a prize draw will be held, with twenty people winning a free copy of the "TOGAF en pratique" book.

  • Implementation of enterprise architecture with TOGAF
  • Enterprise architecture models with the UML/BPMN/TOGAF standards
  • Demonstration of the Modelio TOGAF Architect tool: modeling, traceability, impact
  • Meet the authors: Philippe Desfray, Gilbert Raymond
  • Prize draw to win a copy of the "TOGAF en pratique" book.

Registration and further information

Paris, March 29th 2012 - New 2.1.1 version of Modelio

Modelio available for 64-bit platforms:

  • Modelio is now available on 64-bit Linux and Windows platforms. These widely-used platforms improve Modelio's capacity and performance when Modelio is natively distributed in 64-bit mode.

LibreOffice documentation generation:

  • Adding to its existing support of the HTML and MS-Word documentation formats, Modelio Document Publisher now supports a third documentation target, namely LibreOffice. This widely-used target represents a natural move for Modelio, which is available in an open source version, is available for Linux, and enables rich text editing in Linux.

Improvements in Modelio spreadsheet editors (for requirements, dictionaires, goals, ...):

  • In addition to its graphical editors, the model explorer and the link editor, Modelio's spreadsheet editors provide a practical means of entering requirements, dictionary terms, goals or business rules. Modelio 2.1.1 brings greater comfort and efficiency when entering these elements in a spreadsheet.

Additional information

If you have a previous version and a licensed product, you may need to update your license to support the new version of Modelio. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (indicating your activation key) to check if your license is compatible or if you need to update it. Please note that license update is included in your maintenance contract.

Paris, January 20th 2012 - Modelio: New 2.1 version

Discover Modelio's link editor and rich text editor.

  • Built-in rich text editing: Modelio integrates the editor of your choice (MS-Word, LibreOffice, …) into your Modelio environment, enabling you to enter rich text with your models. In this way, Modelio provides powerful support for analyst wishing to work simultaneously on models and their descriptions, and to produce documents assembled using the document templates of their choice, in either MS-Word or HTML format (using the "Document Publisher" module). The entire Microsoft Office toolsuite is supported, with PowerPoint presentations or Excel tables able to be included in your documents.

Rich text editing

  • Generalized link editor: Modelio’s link editor enables you to browse the entire model using the graph formed by its traceability, use, inheritance and association links. The link editor provides a high level of model visibility, and can be used to carry out impact analysis, analysis and audit operations. As well as enabling highly agile browsing to meet different user needs, the link editor also supports quick link creation.

Generalized link editor

Paris, Dec 5th 2011 - Launch of the new Modelio C# Solution

Modelio is proud to announce the launch of Modelio C# Solution, our latest solution dedicated to UML/BPMN modeling and C# development.

With Modelio C# Solution, you get complete support of model-driven ".NET" application development. Coupled with MS Visual Studio, Modelio C# Solution increases the productivity and quality of your C# developments. .NET application developments can now take advantage of extended MDA (model-driven architecture) support, and modeling features covering the entire business scope (UML, BPMN, enterprise architecture, requirements analysis, …).

Find out more about Modelio C# Solution...

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