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Key features

Modelio SA SysML increases efficiency and improves productivity when defining system architecture and producing documentation.

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SysML modeling - System Engineering

Modelio SA SysML enables architects to formalize their functional system specifications with SysML, a simple and powerful language for systems engineering.

Modelio SA SysML supports all SysML diagrams, from block diagrams to internal and parametric diagrams, and provides many functionalities to obtain a functional, formal and clear specification. Each diagram provides a dedicated user interface that guides you through your modeling activities.

Modelio SA SysML supports system architecture and functional specification modeling using SysML. In this product, SysML is seamlessly integrated with UML and requirements management.

SysML modeling

UML & BPMN integration

Modelio SA SysML covers all system specification requirements by providing support for SysML with UML and BPMN diagrams.

Modelio SA SysML provides full support of UML2 and BPMN2, providing diagrams dedicated to the specification of use cases, classes, state machines, sequences, activities and process. All of these elements are managed in a single model.

SysML et UML

Requirement modeling

SysML provides diagrams to model requirements. With the Analyst feature, architects can:

  • organize requirements using groups, hierarchy and dependencies
  • edit their properties using either the built-in spreadsheet editor or MS Excel™

Architects can assign model elements to requirements for traceability and impact analysis, and integrate diagrams, descriptions and matrices in project documentation such as SRS, IRS and SDD.

Modelio Analyst can be used in conjunction with Rational Doors™, or coupled to other tools if necessary.

SysML et exigences

Traceability/Impact Analysis

Modelio provides a graphical link editor that displays different types of links (for example, traceability links), enabling you to browse the entire model through its links.

Traceability management and multi-dimensional browsing in complex models are features which are particularly useful for systems engineering.

The Modelio link editor also supports impact analysis, by providing links arriving from the opposite direction and arriving at a given element (for example, who implements such and such a requirement?).

traçabilité et analyse impact

Integrated documentation capture

Templates and diagrams are used to document architectural decisions.
Why not generate some of these documents from UML?

Modelio SA SysML provides templates for diagram books, reference documents, specifications and traceability matrices. You can use existing templates, or adapt them to your specific documentation procedures. The generated documents (in HTML, MS-Word or LibreOffice formats) can be integrated into SDD, SRS and IRS.

Modelio's support of rich text editing means that you can document any model element or diagram using your favorite editor (MS-Word, LibreOffice, ...), which is integrated with Modelio. This feature provides you with a unique means of combining models and documentation to support your analysis work.

SysML et UML

Modeling of embedded systems - MARTE

OMG MARTE is a UML language for the systems engineering of real-time and embedded systems. It covers a wide range of systems from automotive and aerospace to systems-on-chip. The MARTE Designer module enables architects to combine SysML, UML and MARTE within a single model.


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