Modelio SD: for Software Application Designers

Design Modeling boosts
development quality, maintainability and productivity

Generation reverse code


code cpp

  • UML to C++ code generation
  • C++ to UML reverse engineering
  • Automated Design patterns
  • CppUnit generation
  • Makefiles generation
  • Doxygen Generation

code csharp

  • UML to C# code generation
  • C# to UML reverse engineering
  • Automated Design patterns
  • NUnit generation

code java

  • UML to Java code generation
  • Java to UML reverse engineering
  • Automated Design patterns
  • JUnit generation
  • Makefiles generation
  • Enhanced Javadoc Generation

code sql

  • UML to SQL code generation
  • SQL to UML reverse engineering
  • Automated Design patterns
  • Conceptual, logical and physical schemas modeling



teamwork project

For one team or Project

  • Team cooperation support
  • Configuration and version management



Multi projects,
teams/organizations federation

  • Centralized WEB based administration
  • Project Portfolio management
  • Team cooperation support
  • Resource management

Document Publisher


Document your code & design

  • Document Generation (MS-Word, HTML)
  • Parameterizable Document templates



Manage requirements with your design

  • Requirement analysis
  • Spreadsheets, Forms, Diagram
  • Model traceabilioty & impact analysis

Business Benefits

  • Boost productivity quality, maintainability and productivity
  • Generate code from your design model
  • Maintain model/code permanent consistency
  • Analyze, Audit and Refactor existing code
  • Document your design and/or your existing code
  • Ensure requirements coverage with traceability
  • Manage complexity with built-in intelligence and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Get peace of mind through Modeliosoft's technical support and services
  • Leverage consistency up-to-date architecture and documentation

Key Features

  • Analysis & Design : UML and BPMN Modeling
  • Model to Code generation,
  • Support for Java, C#, C++, SQL and many other languages
  • Code-model synchronization (roundtrip)
  • Reverse Engineering, Code Analysis and audit, Refactoring, Documentation
  • Modeling & Code generation customization
  • Teamwork management, with distributed team cooperation and SVN version management (Teamwork extension)
  • Integration with popular IDEs
  • MS Word and HTML report generation (Document Publisher extension)