Modelio SQL Designer

Model and automate the generation of your database schemas

Key features

  • Graphical modeling of SQL schemas
  • Transformation of UML class diagrams into persistent class diagrams
  • Transformation of persistent class diagrams into SQL table diagrams (relational schema models). Iterative transformations supported.
  • Reverse engineering from SQL code to SQL table diagrams
  • Transformation from SQL table diagrams into persistent class diagrams
  • Support of MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2/400 and SQL Server
  • Customizable to add new/different types, or to target different platforms
  • Consistency checks of the models

sql designer

From class models to RDB schemas

A fast link from your very first class models to RDB schemas

Modelio provides strong support of database modeling, from logical UML class models to relational databases. Modelio guarantees a previously unreached level of consistency between your analysis models, your design models and your implementation in relational databases.

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