Key features

Complete Java code generation from UML

Modelio SD Java generates complete code for your Java applications based on UML models and additional Java code elements (operation code, annotations) attached to models.

Modelio produces standard-compliant Java code, enables developer implementation choices to be applied, and provides wizards that generate Java accessors and utility functions.

java génération code UML

Reverse engineering Java / UML

Modelio SD Java analyzes your application (.java, .jar), and builds UML models and diagrams (class and package). The product guarantees that your UML architecture and your Java code are constantly maintained in sync, in both model-driven or full round-trip modes whatever the IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, ...).

reverse diagrammes UML

Application of Design Patterns

Modelio provides a model pattern creation functionality, a powerful mechanism for quickly implementing design patterns used in the Java language.

Design Patterns

Java dedicated automatic modeling: Accessors, annotations, utility methods ...

The IDEs are used to create utility methods (equals, hashCode, toString) from a class definition. However, they do not maintain them, which can cause well-known problems, such as bugs and maintenance work. Modelio SD Java keeps the Java code consistent, by reversing it and keeping generation "up to date".

Java méthodes utilitaires

Enhanced Javadoc generation

Never before will you have seen Javadocs as attractive as those produced by Modelio. With Modelio, you can automatically improve all the Javadocs belonging to your existing applications, by automatically inserting UML diagrams, with an HTML inter-diagram browsing feature. Javadoc comments can be accessed while browsing the model, and are kept permanently in sync with the model and the Java code. These Javadoc comments can also be reused to generate other documents with Modelio (architecture documents, audit documents, etc...).

Javadoc améliorée

JUnit test generation

  • Creation of the test model from a Java model
  • Update of an existing test model
  • Detection of deprecated tests by listening from classes and method suppressions
  • Cleaning a test model of its deprecated tests
Java méthodes utilitaires

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