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Modeliosoft products are packagings based on Modelio tool by Modeliosoft and adapted to different profiles (Business Architecture, System Architecture, Software Development). Download a trial version of one of the Modeliosoft products and evaluate it for 10 days. All trial versions include the "Teamwork Manager" module. After the trial period you can contact our sales department for purchasing a fully-functional version. See prices.
Please note that, at any moment, you can deploy other modules which would not be available in your product.

Latest version

These products are based on the latest Modelio version 3.8.1 which has been released on 2019-04-23 and run under Windows, Linux and Mac.
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Modelio Academic Program Special offer.
Modeliosoft products available free of charge for higher education institutions (only available to teachers and students)

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Modeliosoft modules


The products are delivered with contextual modules. At any moment you can add modules not present by default in the product you have chosen.




Additional tools for managing floating licenses, project migrations, ...




The tutorials will introduce to some of the main features of Modelio and its modules and functionalities.


White papers


The white papers present real-life projects and case studies involving Modelio.

White papers

Requirement for Red Hat/Centos 7

The Webkit library is required for the installation of Modelio. This library is not available in the deposits of the Red Hat 7 and CentOS 7 distributions. You can add the EPEL deposit (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, ) that contains the Webkit library.

To add the EPEL deposit, run the following command while logged with the root account: yum install epel-release

Once the deposit has been added, you can install the Webkit library: yum install webkitgtk