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Tools for managing floating licenses, project migrations, ...

Modelio provides a range of utilities for managing additional or one-off operations.

Modelio Server tools

Modelio Server tools allows to manage floating licenses. It mainly provides a license server which needs to be configured before launching Modelio on any machine.
Detailed information about floating licenses configuration.

Please select the file corresponding to your configuration:


Migration tools

In some cases, additional operations are needed before using Modelio projects in a higher version of Modelio

Migration from 2.2.1+ to Modelio 3

Before opening your 2.2.1+ projects in Modelio 3, you must use the migration module M2toM3 (module for Modelio 2.2.1+) in your projects.

  1. Open your project(s) in Modelio 2.2.1+
  2. Install the M2toM3 module in the project(s)
  3. From the project root, run the "M2 to M3\Export for Modelio 3" command.
  4. In the file selection dialog, select a path and a name for the zip file that will contain the migrated project.
  5. Close the project and close Modelio 2, and carefully note the migrated project file name and path.

Once you have run this procedure on Modelio 2.2.1+ you can import the zip files in Modelio 3.
 Detailed migration procedure

  Migration from 2.2.1+ to Modelio 3

Migration from 1.2.3 to 2.2.1

Modelio 1.2.3 projects can be migrated to Modelio 2.2.1.

The migration of diagrams requires additional operations due to a complete restructuring of the diagram format. These operations are not integrated in the standard migration provided by the application. In other words, if you open a Modelio 1.2.3 project in Modelio 2.2.1, your model data will be automatically migrated, but not your diagrams.

  1. Export your project diagrams from Modelio 1.2.3 into a data file
  2. Import and migrate the data file in the Modelio 2.2.1 project.

The provided archive contains the needed modules (one for Modelio 1.2.3 and one for Modelio 2.2.1) and a detailed procedure for this migration.

  Download the archive