Document Generation Features

Quality document generation features

Quality document writing automation

The Modelio Document Publisher module is able to automatically generate high quality documents from models, raising productivity and saving time. These documents respect enterprise quality rules through dedicated document templates and are guaranteed to be in sync with their respective models at all times.

Generated documents can include glossaries, traceability matrices and diagrams, all of which are kept in perfect sync with model element names and descriptions. Enterprise-specific styles and rules can be applied to documents, relieving users of the burden of repetitive and error-prone tasks.

Quality document writing automation

Model embedded text documentation

Model-embedded text documentation

Modelio products allow text annotation to be embedded within models and managed within the Modelio repository. Each model element can have its own description, which can be one of several different types, displayed in diagrams, or captured in specific windows. This provides live documentation attached to the model.

Rich text editor

Modelio integrates the editor of your choice (MS-Word, LibreOffice, …) into your Modelio environment, enabling you to enter rich text with your models. In this way, Modelio provides powerful support for analyst wishing to work simultaneously on models and their descriptions, and to produce documents assembled using the document templates of their choice, in either MS-Word, LibreOffice or HTML format (using the "Document Publisher" module). The entire Microsoft Office toolsuite is supported, with PowerPoint presentations or Excel™ tables able to be included in your documents.

Rich text editor

Web publication

Web publication

The Modelio Document Publisher generates documents in the form of Web pages, making it easy for all participants in a project to consult project-related documentation. Links defined within models serve as the basis for hypertext links in the generated Web documents.

MS-Word or LibreOffice generation

An additional feature is the ability to produce MS-Word or LibreOffice documents from models. These documents can contain tables of content, tables of figures and matrices, and revision tables to fit specific company templates and practices.

MS-Word or Libre Office generation and reverse

Different types of document you can generate

Large set of ready-to-use document templates

The Modelio Document Publisher module comes with a large set of predefined templates that support many document types, including analysis or design documents, requirement analysis and use case documents. This simplifies common document generation tasks and reduces time spent in preparing documentation.

Document template editor

The Modelio document template editor makes it possible to define custom document templates with absolutely no programming knowledge. This makes it possible to adapt the style and presentation of documents to fit enterprise standards, and apply enterprise quality standards throughout the modeling and development lifecycle.