Modelio BA - ArchiMate EA

Modeliosoft is proud to introduce our new Modelio 3.6 version, which still increases its benefits by bringing new exclusive features.

New Modelio BA ArchiMate EA

Modelio BA ArchiMate EA is the only tool on the market, supporting natively ArchiMate, UML and BPMN. This provides a modeling capacity that completely covers Enterprise modeling needs, and provide a complete and consistent repository throughout the entire enterprise.

  • ArchiMate, UML and BPMN Modeling, and mapping management
  • Integrated Vision and requirement analysis support
  • Documentation Generation
  • Spreadsheets & matrices editors
  • Traceability and impact analysis management
  • Integration of model processing code (Java, Jython, ...)

Organized by the OpenGroup in Paris. October 24-27

Announcement and demo of the new Modelio 3.6 version

Discover the latest exclusive functionalities of Modelio for an enhanced support of Enterprise Architecture modeling.

Contact us to get a discount price (-40%) to this exhibit. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Requirements with Web Analyst

Web Analyst is a 100% Web requirement management tool that works on the Modelio repository sharing the same requirement elements and the same “Constellation” portfolio management tool.

From your internet explorer, from the Modelio modeling tool, or from MS-Word or Excel, the same requirement element is handled by every participant (Business, analysts, architects, clients …).
Modelio Web Analyst provides new capacities for requirement sharing and management. It also provides a complete traceability amongst every deliverable and component of a system or an application (Application component, process, code, business object, test …).

Modelio has demonstrated its BPMN models interoperability at OMG :

SOFTEAM/Modeliosoft confirms its commitment to modeling standards (UML, BPMN, SysML, UPDM, TOGAF,  …) through its continuous participation efforts in OMG and Open Group, and to model interchange groups.
Interoperability is guaranteed through the OMG XMI exchange support, and the BPMN XML support. In addition, Modelio supports Excel™ import/export, and has an XML framework allowing to interoperate with most third party tools, including non-standard modeling tools.

Modeliosoft is proud to introduce our new Modelio 3.4 version, which still increases its benefits by bringing new exclusive features.

New Modelio Studio tool

Modelio studio is a graphical tool dedicated to defining extensions for Modelio (modeling capacities, services …) without programming. Based on defining the elements hereunder, Modelio Studio generates « Modules » that package and disseminate the extension to Modelio Users.

  • Model of profiles that extend UML, BPMN, requirements, or any Modelio model element
  • Definition of new types of diagrams
  • Definition of new menus
  • Definition of document templates
  • Definition of Patterns that automate the modeling activities
  • Integration of model processing code (Java, Jython, ...)

Modelio Studio is part of Modelio Modeler version 3.4.

modelio studio interface
Figure 1 - Modelio Studio

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