Modelio will soon release an innovative tool dedicated to the governance of models and projects within enterprises.

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Within enterprises, models are fragmented by tools, projects or "Business Units". This dispersion of models hinders their use, generalization and re-use, and the wealth of knowledge contained in models - processes, data, architectures, systems, and so on - is badly shared and poorly used.

The new Modelio Constellation tool enables the governance of model repositories and all projects through models, as well as their centralized administration, the implementation of indicators and procedures, and the execution of generalized, systematic processing – reports, audits, code generation and continuous integration, update of document portals, and so on. Modelio Constellation organizes and manages model-sharing between organizations, for all ecosystems, whatever the level of heterogeneity.

The administration web interface provides project managers, domains managers and administrators with a practical management and synthesis tool (customizable dashboard).


Associated with the Modelio "World Wide Modeling" technology, Modelio Constellation facilitates model management in all complex situations: complex models, multi-projects, participant/project rights, multiple, distributed participants, large-scale enterprises, multiple services, enterprise consortiums, ecosystems, and all forms of distributed cooperation. This technology promotes distributed, agile cooperation: a Modelio Constellation participant needs nothing more than a workstation and occasional internet access.

Migrate to the most modern modeling tool at no extra ownership cost

Rational Rose was popular in the 90s, but is now obsolete, putting its users in danger of knowledge obsolescence. For this reason, Modeliosoft is pleased to introduce a new service, which will enable you to recover your models, diagrams and extensions developed using Rational Rose in Modelio.

Modeliosoft can also provide services for dedicated customization (document templates, code generators, dedicated graphical editors, ...).

By migrating from Rational Rose to Modelio, you will benefit from Modelio’s improved modeling and generation capacities:

  • Up-to-date standard modeling language support (UML2, BPMN2, SysML, ...)
  • Modern GUI
  • Native execution on Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • High performance code generation and code/model consistency support (Java, C++, C#, SQL, ...)
  • Global traceability support (matrices, link editors, ...)
  • Strong document generation & roundtrip capacities
  • Teamwork management: Governance, user rights, versions, cooperative modeling
  • Unique Modelio modeling features

No extra ownership costs

Based on your annual Rational Rose maintenance fee, we will provide you with the equivalent modernized capacities through our Modeliosoft products.

For more information, visit Rational Rose to Modelio page.

Séminaire Modeliosoft
Méthodes et outils pour l'ingénierie système

Mardi 24 juin 2014 (9h30 - 11h30)

inge systemes

L'ingénierie des systèmes dirigée par les modèles (Model Based System Engineering - MBSE) est une pratique répandue à travers les standards (SysML, UML, ...). Sa maîtrise au sein de grands projets nécessite cependant une démarche et un outillage élaborés.

Venez découvrir comment Modelio 3 apporte des solutions nouvelles facilitant grandement une mise en place réussie d'une ingénierie système au sein de grandes équipes. Quel que soit votre processus de conception, l'atelier Modelio 3 vous permet d'élaborer un véritable référentiel de modèles intégrant toutes les dimensions d'un système (exigences, système, sous-systèmes, organisation, logiciel, matériel, ...), partagé par tous les participants, structuré en expertises et domaines, ouvert à l'écosystème des partenaires externes. Vos modèles sont alors un précieux patrimoine de l'entreprise, coeur et support de votre ingénierie.

Modelio3 apporte de nouvelles solutions en particulier pour l'analyse d'impact, la traçabilité généralisée, la distribution des équipes et des projets et la gestion et production automatisée de documents. Up-to-date standard modeling language support (UML2, BPMN2, SysML, ...).


  • 9h30 : Accueil - petit déjeuner
  • 10h00 : Introduction à l'ingénierie système
  • 10h15 : Le processus de conception en ingénierie système
  • 10h30 : Café et échanges
  • 11h00 : Démonstration de Modelio 3.1
  • 11h30 : Questions/Réponses.

S'inscrire au séminaire, avoir plus d'informations

Découvrir Modelio pour l'ingénierie Système

New version: Modelio 3.1
World Wide Modeling


slide wwmodeling

  • World wide modeling: The agility and omnipresence of the web applied to model repositories.
  • Impact analysis: Modelio provides a generalized traceability mechanism for the entire model, including requirements, terms and goals, and includes a dedicated graphical traceability editor/browser. Modelio 3.1 brings traceability matrices, used to edit traceability links which focus on an identified source/target.
  • Matrices: Modelio provides a generalized mechanism for handling all model elements and links in the repository in the form of matrices.
  • Extended graphical editors: Modelio now enables users to add free forms (rectangles, circles, ...) in diagrams, so as to increase their expressivity, and to associate these forms with model elements.

Distribute and share your model repositories

With Modelio 3, every model element you create is part of an overall modeling repository.
And simply by publishing it, you can make it accessible and reusable all over the world. Like the web, which enables knowledge to be shared and distributed, Modelio World Wide Modeling makes it easy to access and share models.
Modelio 3 helps users develop a veritable enterprise repository, structured according to expertise and domain, shared by all participants, and open to external partners. Your models become a precious enterprise legacy, which support knowledge management.

Paris, October 17th, 2013 - Modelio professionalizes your business analysis tasks

Professionalize your business analysis tasks

Modelio helps business owners to formalize and share business knowledge, and to ensure Business/IT alignment.


Modelio provides several unique and major functionalities that support business knowledge formalization, sharing and exploitation:

  • Business Process Modeling (BPM), BPMN, process maps
  • Integrated UML support
  • Enterprise Architecture modeling (Business and Application Architectures, Vision, …)
  • Requirement analysis integrated into the model
  • Traceability and impact analysis management
  • Automated document generation
  • Modelio customization to your context
  • Centralized repository supporting team cooperative work
  • World Wide Modeling : multiple distributed and interconnected repositories on the web

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