Modelio will soon release an innovative tool dedicated to the governance of models and projects within enterprises.

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Within enterprises, models are fragmented by tools, projects or "Business Units". This dispersion of models hinders their use, generalization and re-use, and the wealth of knowledge contained in models - processes, data, architectures, systems, and so on - is badly shared and poorly used.

The new Modelio Constellation tool enables the governance of model repositories and all projects through models, as well as their centralized administration, the implementation of indicators and procedures, and the execution of generalized, systematic processing – reports, audits, code generation and continuous integration, update of document portals, and so on. Modelio Constellation organizes and manages model-sharing between organizations, for all ecosystems, whatever the level of heterogeneity.

The administration web interface provides project managers, domains managers and administrators with a practical management and synthesis tool (customizable dashboard).


Associated with the Modelio "World Wide Modeling" technology, Modelio Constellation facilitates model management in all complex situations: complex models, multi-projects, participant/project rights, multiple, distributed participants, large-scale enterprises, multiple services, enterprise consortiums, ecosystems, and all forms of distributed cooperation. This technology promotes distributed, agile cooperation: a Modelio Constellation participant needs nothing more than a workstation and occasional internet access.