New version: Modelio 3.1
World Wide Modeling


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  • World wide modeling: The agility and omnipresence of the web applied to model repositories.
  • Impact analysis: Modelio provides a generalized traceability mechanism for the entire model, including requirements, terms and goals, and includes a dedicated graphical traceability editor/browser. Modelio 3.1 brings traceability matrices, used to edit traceability links which focus on an identified source/target.
  • Matrices: Modelio provides a generalized mechanism for handling all model elements and links in the repository in the form of matrices.
  • Extended graphical editors: Modelio now enables users to add free forms (rectangles, circles, ...) in diagrams, so as to increase their expressivity, and to associate these forms with model elements.

Distribute and share your model repositories

With Modelio 3, every model element you create is part of an overall modeling repository.
And simply by publishing it, you can make it accessible and reusable all over the world. Like the web, which enables knowledge to be shared and distributed, Modelio World Wide Modeling makes it easy to access and share models.
Modelio 3 helps users develop a veritable enterprise repository, structured according to expertise and domain, shared by all participants, and open to external partners. Your models become a precious enterprise legacy, which support knowledge management.