Modelio 5.1

Modelio 5.1 brings significant improvements to link management in BPMN diagrams, UML activity diagrams, UML state machine diagrams and ArchiMate views. More intuitive and predictable, the new link management also improves visual feedback when creating or editing links.

Regarding anchors and attachments, links are attached to nodes via anchors that are displayed when the link is created or manipulated. The new ergonomics ensure precise positioning and a simple and natural distribution of links on each side of the node. This attachment established by the user will only be modified by an explicit action on his part.

The new position of the links is displayed when the user moves the mouse and sees what the path will be. This dynamic visual feedback applies to the creation or modification of a link and its anchor. When initially drawing a link or re-drawing it later, the user can now impose intermediate waypoints for the link. These points are called "user routing points" and they also benefit from dynamic visual feedback.

The modification of the links is now guided according to the vertical or horizontal axis with dynamic visual feedback, greatly facilitating the qualitative presentation of the model and reducing the effort required for guidance with the mouse.

This new version of Modelio is now available. SaaS customers will be able to benefit from this new version as soon as they wish.

If you are interested, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


These interface enhancements significantly improve the ease of design and quality of rendering. They also save the user time and reduce the physical strain on the hand for mouse guidance.

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Modelio 5.1