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Learn how the licensing system works and how it allows you to use Modelio and its features

How does licenses work?

Modelio provides various products to meet different business challenges. These products are delivered as the commercial edition of Modelio and a set of available features. When you download and install a product you can test the Modelio tool and all available features during 10 days.

Once you have tested a product you can purchase it. Modelio proposes several commercial offers fitting different needs. Each offer allows you to enable features with a license. The license defines the features you can use.

available features

A concrete example

The Modelio BA product is delivered with the following features:

  • Modelio (UML/BPMN)
  • ArchiMate
  • Modelio Analyst (Requirements management)
  • Document Publisher (Document generation)
  • Modelio Studio
  • SQL Designer
  • Teamwork manager

Modelio provides 4 commercial offers based on Business Architecture (Modelio BA, Modelio BA Data, Modelio BA Enterprise Architect and Modelio ArchiMate EA). If you choose the Modelio BA Data offer, you will be able to use/enable the following features:

  • Modelio (UML/BPMN)
  • Modelio Analyst (Requirements management)
  • Document Publisher (Document generation)
  • Modelio Studio
  • SQL Designer

If you need to enable another feature, like the Teamwork manager extension, you have to purchase a license.
At any time you can add other modules which extend the functionalities of your product from a list of free or commercial modules provided by Modelio.

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Licensing model

Modelio provides licenses from single users to large teams. Choose the right license model for your own needs.

Node-locked license

A node-locked license is a license locked to a single machine. The license manager locks the license to a HostID of the machine on which you install the product.

license node locked

Floating license

Floating license are distributed by a license server and can be shared licenses between different users. For example, a 7 member team can use just 3 floating licenses, provided that a maximum of 3 people are using Modelio at the same time

Thus, using floating licenses, the price may be lower if licenses are shared between several users.

Use Modelio on any workstation with the same licenses

As opposed to node-locked licenses, floating licenses are not bound to the client workstations. Anybody can work from anywhere. The floating license system will lock a license token, whatever workstation the user uses.

The floating license system is based on a license server. The license server must be network accessible from the active Modelio workstation. Any network-connected workstation can then be used to run Modelio, provided that there are remaining floating licenses at the time of use.

license floating

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Modelio Server is an additional web tool that manages multi-projects, roles and federated repositories.

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