October 10th 2011 - Modelio maximizes your added value by moving to open source.


Modeliosoft is proud to announce the release of Modelio 2.0, the first professional, open source UML2 and BPMN2 modeling tool.


Modelio 2.0 provides complete support of UML/BPMN modeling, with a set of complementary modeling or code generation modules. Robust and reliable, Modelio 2.0 is the high-end open source modeling environment. The "modelio.org" community manages the community site of the same name, a site entirely dedicated to the Modelio 2.0 open source environment.


Modeliosoft produces Modelio "distributions", providing a guaranteed version of Modelio with extensions dedicated to enterprises, and a range of support and maintenance services. Modeliosoft also provides consulting, training and made-to-measure development services.


By combining open source and Modeliosoft Solutions, you benefit from a dynamic, open and constantly innovative ecosystem. This ecosystem guarantees openness, reactivity and flexibility, for both users and contributors, by enabling different use modes and different extensions to be combined. In this way, Modeliosoft Solutions provide the best cost/benefit ratio compared with other commercial or open source tools.

For more information, visit www.modeliosoft.com.

October 9th 2011 - OMG Conference on TOGAF enterprise architecture modeling with UML and BPMN


Philippe Desfray, Modeliosoft Product Manager, will lead a conference on this subject during the "Architecting Business Agility through Standards" OMG seminar in Paris on Monday 24th October 2011.


TOGAF is a widely-used methodological framework for Enterprise Architecture, which provides a complete approach to the design, planning, realization and management of enterprise architecture. This presentation will show how OMG standards like UML and BPMN can be combined and extended to support TOGAF.

Join Modeliosoft, Softeam and the OMG in Paris for this one-day seminar which includes several high-level conferences on "Architecting Business Agility Through Standards."


For more information, visit www.softeam.fr...

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