Modelio 3.8.1: GDPR privacy by design

Modeliosoft is proud to introduce our new Modelio 3.8.1 release. It provides issue fixes, improvements and a new tool dedicated to GDPR modeling.

Privaciz Model

Privaciz Model is a new tool delivered as a module. It is included in the Modelio BA product. If you have downloaded another product you can also get it by downloading it separately from this page (please note it is a commercial module).
It offers a modeling support centered on the GDPR concepts (DPO, sensitive data, ...) and possibility to generate high-level documentation.

GDPR Technical Diagram

Privaciz Model provides Enterprise Architecture modeling support, with integrated and integrated support for UML, BPMN, ArchiMate languages, consistent with GDPR modeling.

Download Modelio 3.8.1