Centralized Repository Features

Ensure enterprise and project continuity through a unique centralized and consistent modeling repository.

  • Centralized database
  • Coverage of broad modeling scope
  • Open access
  • Traceability management
  • Local/central consistency management
  • Unique model element identification mechanism

centralized repository2

Centralized database

In a Modeliosoft product, a model is much more than just a drawing. It is a network of model elements, interconnected via links, stored in a database, with several views defined on it.

Every Modeliosoft product manages the repository and guarantees its permanent consistency. Links are always properly set, model consistency rules are always checked, and security on workstation or network failure is always ensured.

Coverage of broad modeling scope

UML, BPMN, Enterprise Architecture, requirements, glossary, business rules, goals, documentation, SysML, Java, SQL, C#, C++...all these domains and many more are covered by the Modeliosoft product range.

Modeliosoft is unique in its capacity to offer such a wide range of products and coverage within a single framework that guarantees high-performance, broad-range consistency and traceability.

Open access

The central database is based on a published metamodel, and can be accessed through a Java API. This enables database processing for requests, extractions and modification of models. Batch mode is supported to execute regular processing actions on models, and intensive model processing actions can also be deferred to a later time.

Traceability management

All Modeliosoft products provide general purpose traceability used in impact analysis, traceability matrix production, and trace analysis functions.

Local/central consistency management

In teamwork configuration, the repository has a central storage area, and a local replica for each user. Update actions are carried out at the request of end-users, providing them with a high level of autonomy.

Unique model element identification mechanism

Every Modeliosoft product has unique features for identification of element models. If a model element is named "Client" by a modeling participant and then renamed to "Customer", the Modeliosoft product framework will recognize that this is the same model element and maintain consistency over time. This feature is a key mechanism to guarantee consistency, minimize risk and enable efficient teamwork and collaboration.