Open Source

The Modeliosoft products are based on Modelio,
the leading open source modeling platform

  • Robust, stable open source platform
  • Community support
  • New functionality through community-developed modules
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in

modelio open source

Robust, stable open source platform

All Modeliosoft products have a proven track record of more than 20 years in large model storage management, crash recovery issues, extension capacities, version evolution management, unique identification mechanism and many other issues that need to be resolved for extensive tool usage.

The Modelio community brings added value through an active, open bug reporting and management procedure, and highly responsive community contributors.

Community support

Has anybody encountered the same problems as me? Does somebody have a solution? How can I get the following results?

For these and any other questions you have about Modelio, just visit the Modelio community forum, where you have a good chance of either finding an answer in the forums or getting a response from a member of the Modelio community.

New functionality through community contributions

Do you need a specific modeling feature, or support of a specific method or code generation target? Check out the wide range of open source modules developed by the Modelio community. You can use these open source extensions as is, or re-use and adapt them to your own context. You can also publish your own extensions, take advantage of additional contributions, and  participate in community work on maintenance and evolution.

Freedom from vendor lock-in

You can use a Modeliosoft product in collaboration with partners who are using the Modelio open source platform. Model components, model imports, and common open source extensions will help you share and exchange your work seamlessly.

Models built using a Modeliosoft product can be edited without any loss of fidelity in the Modelio open source platform. This avoids vendor lock in, and provides flexibility to cooperate with other teams.