Open Source/Commercial Ecosystem

Share models and modules between the open source and commercial worlds.

Community site is the Modelio open source site.

Modelio is distributed under the GPL OSS license.

There are also many open source Modules. Their OSS License depends on the Author.

Anyone can create a Modelio module, and publish it as an open source module, or defined his own private or commercial Module. The module related framework within Modelio is distributed under the Apache license (one of the most permissive license.).

Three winning use cases

UC1: Company with subcontractors
Subcontractors are not obliged to buy licenses to work with a Modelio client company. They can stay with the open source version.

UC2: Sharing know-how, methodologies, generators, and model driven frameworks.
Once you have customized Modelio for a specific domain, methodology, or framework, you might want to share it with third parties, without forcing them to buy Modelio licenses. The open source distribution gives you the freedom to disseminate your knowledge without any constraints from Modelio.

UC3: Getting open source extensions in your environment
Check out the Modelio Store and see if there are useful extensions for you, or get extensions from partners.


  • Robust, stable open source platform
  • Community support
  • New functionality through community-developed modules
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in
opensource commercial ecosystem