System Engineering/SysML Support Features

Through their complete SysML and UML support, Modelio products enable complex systems to be modeled using the best software and system engineering practices.

  • SysML modeling integrated with UML
  • Integrated requirement analysis support
  • Traceability and impact analysis
  • Easily extensible to software modeling and development, embedded software systems and others

SysML modeling integrated with UML

Modelio products provide SysML-dedicated editors for all types of SysML diagrams. UML or BPMN models are also integrated for broader coverage of a system's aspects.

System modeling

Integrated requirement analysis support

Integrated requirement analysis support

Requirement analysis is at the core of system analysis and design tasks. Modelio products include an integrated requirement analysis tool, which provides spreadsheet editors and specific diagram editors enabling requirements to be modeled and traced to system model elements.

Traceability and impact analysis

All Modelio products provide general purpose traceability support, for impact analysis purposes, traceability matrix production, or any trace analysis functions.

Traceability and impact analysis

Extensible, customizable and adaptable

Depending on the targeted system and the desired level of detail, a Modelio Solution can be extended to support software modeling and generation, MARTE modeling for embedded software or any other extension. This enables a Modelio Solution to be fitted to specific system modeling methods and project contexts.