UML and BPMN Modeling Features

A comprehensive range of features to meet all UML and BPMN modeling needs

Complete support for UML2 and BPMN2

Work with UML class diagrams for data models,  BPMN for business process modeling, use cases for an end-user's view, components for architectures, and more.

Modelio products' complete support for UML2 and BPMN2 enables broad coverage of business, system or IT modeling needs.

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UML and BPMN integrated for coherent support

UML and BPMN integrated for coherent support

Modelio products smoothly integrate UML and BPMN for a coherent and traceable model. A BPMN pool can represent a UML element (actor, class, ...), a data flow can be an occurrence of a UML class, and so on. This simplifies model understanding, raises productivity and minimizes risk.

Consistency checks

Far more than just a graphical tool, Modelio products provide several features that ensure the permanent consistency of models.

Semantic editors prohibit invalid modeling features, and more than 280 customizable consistency checks run on models in real-time to guarantee model quality.

Real-time model consistency checks

Modeling wizards

Smart modeling wizards

If you drag and drop a class into a sequence diagram, you create a lifeline that refers to an instance or part, typed by the class.If you drag and drop an operation into an activity diagram, you create a UML "call operation action" that refers to the operation.

Not sure whether to create a "control flow" or an "object flow" between two elements in a UML activity diagram? Stop wondering and just use the smart "flow" creation function. Our tools will choose the appropriate type of link to create.

Modelio products provide many such wizards, making modeling more intuitive for users and increasing modeling efficiency and model quality levels.

Modelio Studio: Graphical extension modeling tool

Modelio Studio is included in the commercial edition of Modelio:

  • Customize, Extend and Reuse UML, and/or BPMN, and/or requirements metamodels, or one of the available standard profiles (UPDM, TOGAF, SysML, ...)
  • Define new properties; types of diagram; types of matrixes; menu entries; document templates; automated pattern
  • Integrate extension code (Java, Jython)
  • Package extension modules

Modelio Studio

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