Modelio C# Designer module

Boost your C# productivity and quality with Modelio and UML

Included in:

Key features

  • High speed, quality C# code generator from UML2 models
  • Support of UML2 and C# 4
  • Permanent code-model consistency
  • Property creation and management at model level
  • Coupling to MS Visual Studio: CSharp code generation and roundtrip with VS projects
  • Two work modes: model-driven or roundtrip
  • Complete customization of C# code generation for specific frameworks
  • Integrated C# syntax highlighting editor
  • Production line generation (makefiles)
  • Dedicated C# teamwork management (C# model components)
  • Reverse engineering of existing C# applications
  • C# documentation generation

csharp screenshot

Focus on C# or UML? Your choice.

Working with MS Visual Studio, Modelio C# Designer combines advanced comfort and productivity with the guaranteed quality of model-driven development.

You can choose to work in model-centric mode using Modelio or in code-centric model in MS Visual Studio, safe in the knowledge that code-model consistency is permanently guaranteed.