Modelio Hibernate Designer module

Model and automate Hibernate mapping generation and access Java classes

Key features

  • Graphical modeling of Hibernate persistence models
  • Production of a Hibernate persistence model from a class model
  • Generation of Hibernate mapping files from a Hibernate persistence model
  • Generation of Java classes from the Hibernate persistence model (using Modelio Java Designer in synch)
  • Exhaustive support of Hibernate features
  • Different mapping strategies for complex model features (such as inheritance)
  • Consistency checks of the Hibernate persistence model

Modelio Hibernate Designer

Generating mapping files and Java access classes

Manage your model persistency without programming

With Modelio Hibernate Designer, you can model your Hibernate mapping, and automatically get the mapping and Java classes that manage the persistency of your application. Consistency checks and wizards help you obtain the right model, and provide automated model completion when necessary.
Modelio Hibernate Designer works in synch with Modelio Java Designer, in order to entirely model and generate your software application.