Modelio Java Designer module

Boost your Java productivity and quality with Modelio and UML

Included in:

Key features

  • High speed, quality Java code generation from UML2 models
  • Support of UML2 and Java 8 (templates, enumerations, containers, …)
  • Permanent code-model consistency
  • Smart, automatic Java accessor production and synchronization at model level
  • RCP/Eclipse-style project file structure
  • Two work modes: model-driven or roundtrip
  • Complete customization of Java code generation for specific frameworks
  • Integrated syntax highlighting Java editor
  • Work with any IDE, with code-model consistency permanently guaranteed
  • Production line generation (ANT)
  • Dedicated Java teamwork management (Java model components)
  • Reverse engineering of existing Java applications
  • Javadoc documentation generation

Java Designer

Focus on Java or UML? Your choice.

Working with Eclipse, Modelio Java Designer combines advanced comfort and productivity with the guaranteed quality of model-driven development. You can choose to work in model-centric mode using Modelio or in code-centric mode in Eclipse, safe in the knowledge that code-model consistency is permanently guaranteed.

Customization for your needs...

Parameters and XML configuration files make it easy to adapt Java code generation to the needs, preferences, constraints and generation extensions of specific frameworks.