Modelio Pattern Designer module

Quickly tool your expertise at model level without writing any code!

Key features

  • Pattern creation
  • Definition of parameters on models, code extensions or documentation
  • Packaging in the form of patterns that can be applied throughout the Modelio tool
  • Pattern application


Implementing patterns

  1. Build a model or reverse existing code.
  2. Define the variable parts of this model using parameters.
         Your pattern is now ready for use!
  3. Apply the pattern to create instanciated models.
  4. Automatically generate code (Java, C++, C#, SQL, ...).
         Your code is developed!

Modelio Pattern Designer in action

Modelio Pattern Designer provides functionalities that enable you
to create new patterns either from scratch or based on existing UML
models. You can then prepare these patterns for publication and
subsequent use by other project participants.

This tutorial (produced using Modelio 1.2) demonstrates how to
define a pattern with a UML model, and how to apply it to create
instanciated models.

Modelio Java Designer demonstration
Watch a demo on pattern designer

Watch this video to find out how to define patterns with UML models,
and how to apply patterns to create instanciated models.