Modelio SysML Architect module

The ideal tool for modeling large-scale systems

Included in:

The SysML standard

Systems Modeling Language - SysML for short - is a modeling language specific to the field of systems engineering. It is used to specify, analyze, design, check and validate numerous systems and systems-of-systems.

SysML is an OMG standard defined as an extension of a subset of UML, using the UML profile mechanism.

Key features

  • Specific editors dedicated to SysML
  • Support of all SysML extensions
  • Support of block diagrams, internal block diagrams, parametric diagrams, class/package diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, use case diagrams and requirement diagrams
  • Integration with the Modelio Analyst module: enter requirements in a spreadsheet editor, generate documentation, import from MS-Word documents, use modeling wizards, analyze modification impact, ...
  • Traceability editor

SysML Architect