Modelio Teamwork Manager

A flexible distributed collaborative modeling environment

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Key features

  • Distributed team cooperation via the internet or using local networks
  • Safe locking mechanism guaranteeing the permanent consistency of the shared repository
  • Possibility of working offline, with periodical connection/synchronizations
  • Flexible mechanism enabling the addition of local sub-models without checking out (add feature)
  • Centralized administration
  • Centralized synchronization of tool customizations and model libraries used, ensuring automated consistency and update of the cooperating Modelio environments
  • Efficient team cooperation support, no team or model size limitations
  • Team process support: management of the delivery and versioning process
  • Management of distributed model consistency, ensuring constant consistency of the central repository and of local workspaces
  • Management of model branch versions with the possibility of model diff/merges: with Modelio, models can be compared and merged as easily as text
  • Robustness: Network failures or computer crashes will not corrupt transactions or prevent you from modeling
  • Fine checkin/checkout and configuration unit: Package, Component, Class, Process, Actor, Use Case, ...

Modelio Teamwork Manager

Teamwork Manager facilitates your team collaboration

Modelio Teamwork Manager schema

Modelio Teamwork Manager provides unique team cooperation management capacities.

Using your usual hardware environment, with minimum software investment, your teamwork will be efficiently organized:

  • version management
  • configuration management
  • team organization
  • guided and controlled team cooperation at model level

Modelio Teamwork Manager also supports the delivery procedure between different teams or sub-projects, providing administration mechanisms that automate and guarantee the uniform and coherent update of each team member’s local environment (libraries, configurations, etc.).

Our teamwork management’s team distribution and working mode is extremely flexible, with each team member having the choice of:

  • connecting to the central repository via the internet or a local network
  • working offline and periodically synchronizing their models with the central repository