Modelio UPDM Architect modules

Military frameworks:
MODAF, DODAF or NAF Architecture modeling.

Included in:

The UPDM modules support Enterprise Architecture modeling according to the military standards DoDAF, MODAF or NAF, by providing all required diagrams, dedicated matrixes, and document templates.

Key features

  • Support of DoDAF, MODAF, NAF
  • Specific frameworks automatically deployed
  • Smart tools to help building consistent model and views
  • Dedicated graphical editors, matrixes and document templates


UPDM is the Unified Profile for DoDAF/MODAF. It has been realized by the OMG (Object Management Group) to provide modeling support conforming to the USA Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and the UK Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF).
Based on the same work, a solution has been provided for the NATO, NAF (NATO Architecture Framework). The NAF is an Enterprise Architecture framework derived from MODAF.

ov1 maritime rescue

updm viewpoints


The UPDM modules support all viewpoints and views from MODAF, DoDAF and NAF.


Modelio at your service

At your request, Modelio can customize the Modelio tool for your Architecture Framework context.

MODAF, DoDAF or NAF are very broad frameworks that you need to adapt to your context practices organization and tools.

Modelio provides consulting services for this purpose. With only a few days consulting support, the tool can be adapted to get bespoke modeling capacities, and dedicated documents, matrixes, consistency checks. Modelio consultants can also help you in defining the proper methodology, and/or modeling practices.

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