Paris, January 20th 2012 - Modelio: New 2.1 version

Discover Modelio's link editor and rich text editor.

  • Built-in rich text editing: Modelio integrates the editor of your choice (MS-Word, LibreOffice, …) into your Modelio environment, enabling you to enter rich text with your models. In this way, Modelio provides powerful support for analyst wishing to work simultaneously on models and their descriptions, and to produce documents assembled using the document templates of their choice, in either MS-Word or HTML format (using the "Document Publisher" module). The entire Microsoft Office toolsuite is supported, with PowerPoint presentations or Excel tables able to be included in your documents.

Rich text editing

  • Generalized link editor: Modelio’s link editor enables you to browse the entire model using the graph formed by its traceability, use, inheritance and association links. The link editor provides a high level of model visibility, and can be used to carry out impact analysis, analysis and audit operations. As well as enabling highly agile browsing to meet different user needs, the link editor also supports quick link creation.

Generalized link editor