Your objectives

  • Have a multiplatform software
  • Ensure consistency and maintainability of your models
  • Benefit from compliance with modeling standards
  • Customize the tool according to your context or your business
enjeux business architecture

Your benefits


A highly scalable case tool


An intuitive and easy-to-learn software


A Modelio open source ecosystem and business solutions


A customizable user interface


A support for requirements analysis and traceability


Multi-standard products supporting a wide range of modeling standards


Do you want to work as a team and share your repository? Modelio Server is the ideal solution!
If you are a small team (2 to 5 participants), you can work without using the complete Modelio Server solution.

Please contact our sales team for more information.


Two types of licenses

Node-Locked license

This license is designed to be installed on a specific computer. It is based on a specific characteristic of the computer to ensure use only on that device.

license node locked

Floating license

This license is dematerialized on a license server. When a user wants to use a license, the server makes this license unavailable to other potential users. When the user leaves the session, the server gives it back to the users.

The price therefore depends on the number of licenses used simultaneously.

Floating license

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