ArchiMate support

Support of the ArchiMate standard
by Modelio BA - Enterprise Architect

The table below presents Modelio BA - Enterprise Architect's support of the ArchiMate standard.

Please note that wherever there is a discrepancy between names, TOGAF terms have been chosen over ArchiMate terms.
Notations are primarily based on the UML and BPMN standards.


ArchiMate notion Enterprise Architect
Comments Notation
Business Layer
Business actor Actor Internal actor and external actor internal_actorexternal_actor
Business role Role    
Business collaboration Business collaboration   business_collaboration
Business interface   No real usage identified  
Location Location Headquarters and sites headquarterssite
Business object Business entity   business_entity
Business process Business process   business_process
Business function Function   business_function
Business interaction Business interaction    
Business event Event   event
Business service Business service   business_service
Representation   No real usage identified  
Meaning Term This notion is little developed in ArchiMate, but extensively developed in the Modelio "dictionary" term
Value Value factor on Function    
Product Product TOGAF semantics supported product
Contract Service contract Pre-conditions, post-conditions, invariant preconditionpost_conditioninvariant
Architecture Layer
Application component Application component Modelio BA - Enterprise Architect breaks components down using component typology to facilitate sound SOA structuring application_component
Application collaboration Application collaboration   application_collaboration
Application interface Required or provided services   required_serviceprovided_service
Data object Entity   entity
Application function   No real usage identified. Antinomic TOGAF and SOA.  
Application interaction   UML interaction on collaboration  
Application service Information service   information_service
Technical Layer
Node Node Generic element  
Device Server, workstation, ... More detailed list on Modelio BA - Enterprise Architect serverworkstation
Network Bus   bus
Communication path Network link   network_link
Infrastructure interface Port   port
System software Utility component   utility_component
Infrastructure function   No real usage identified. Antinomic TOGAF and SOA.  
Infrastructure service IS service   is_service
Artifact Technology artifact   technology_artifact
Association Association   association
Access Flow   flow
Use by Consumes "Consumes" is reserved for actors. For other elements, backwards "supports" links. consumes
Realization Component realization Specialized in Modelio BA - Enterprise Architect on components realizes
Assignment Initiator of; participates in; owner of Modelio BA - Enterprise Architect provides more specialized links participates_in
Aggregation Aggregation    
Composition Composition    
Flow Flow    
Triggering Flow    
Grouping   Packages and embedding  
Junction   BPMN junction  
Specialization Generalization    
Extensions (motivation)
Language extension mechanisms Profiles, MDA    
Driver, Goal Goals Detailed by specific properties and diagrams in Modelio. The distinction between Driver and Goal can be made through different "containers" or by using specific properties. goal
Requirement Requirements Detailed by specific properties and diagrams in Modelio requirement
Aggregation Part    
Realization Satisfies OMG SysML norm satisfy
Influence +influence; -influence   positive_influence
Aggregation Aggregation    
Deployment   Modelio BA - Enterprise Architect enables application components to be directly deployed on nodes.