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UML and BPMN support


Integrated requirements analysis, and documentation generation

UML and BPMN support

Modelio BA supports the "metamodels" defined by the OMG (Object Management Group) UML and BPMN standards

  • providing analysts with all the standard diagrams
  • enabling them to harness the full power of both languages to express ideas.

Models can be exchanged using the standard XMI format.

By combining UML and BPMN, Modelio BA makes it easy to model a complete business, with smooth transition between data and processes.


Dragging & dropping a UML class into a process diagram will retrieve a related BPMN data object, while a BPMN lane can represent a UML actor and BPMN processes can be structured within UML packages.

UML Class Diagram

Consistency checks and modeling wizards

More than 280 consistency checks are constantly applied to a model throughout the building process. Analysts can adapt, add or withdraw existing rules, or change the gravity of errors. Smart modeling wizards boost modeling productivity and provide good default solutions to common problems.

Concistency checks:

  • are done in real time
  • are configurable
  • ensure consistency between diagrams, documents, matrices, tables...
Model audit

Project documentation

Owing to the fact that one the primary uses of models is to facilitate communication, Modelio BA can automatically generate documents from models.

Depending on the document target (requirement analysis, business process definition, design, use cases, class diagrams, ...), it is possible to:

  • choose one of the numerous document templates provided,
  • develop custom templates to suit your needs.

The documents can be generated in the following formats: HTML, MS Word, Powerpoint and LibreOffice.

documentation web

Creation and editing of embedded documents

Modelio's support of rich text edition means that you can document any model element or diagram using your favorite editor (MS-Word, LibreOffice, ...), which is integrated with Modelio.

This feature provides you with a unique means of combining models and documentation to support your analysis work.

saisie documentation notes riches

Traceability and impact analysis

The Modelio BA's broad coverage of different modeling stages means that it is able to support many modeling levels, targeting different stakeholders.

Audit your models with generalized traceability:

  • Graphic edition
  • Matrices
  • Reporting

Traceability enables analysts to specify which information has been used to define new model elements. This makes it easier to understand modeling coverage, and understand why models have been created by other people.

Impact analysis can help to determine the cost of changes if part of a model is modified. This mechanism helps discover the value of a model element, by clearly identifying which and how many model elements are based on it.

Traçabilité Analyse d'Impact

Integrated Requirements Analysis

Modelio makes it easy to specify requirements, risks, goals, dictionaries, KPIs, and business rules in forms, tabular editors, and dedicated diagrams.

Since requirements, objectives, terms and business rules are often defined within existing Word documents, Modelio BA provides the necessary tools to import them into your enterprise repositories. This allows them to be integrated into advanced modeling processes, before then being exported again for use in your documents.

Couverture complète des standards

Methodological support: process mapping, application mapping, etc.

In order to represent and document applications and processes, guaranteeing consistency and traceability, Modelio offers methodological support with:

  • Multi-level specialized views (macroscopic view, process context, detailed view)
  • Process mapping
  • Application mapping
  • Document generation
  • Matrices
  • Typology of dedicated diagrams
  • Impact Analysis and traceability
  • Complete configuration of the product adapted to the context of the business
BPMN Collaboration Diagram

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