Modelio SA - UPDM

Dedicated to military systems modeling according to
MODAF, DoDAF or NAF Architecture Framework standards

Modelio is the tool of choice to support Enterprise Architecture modeling according to the Military standards DoDAF, MODAF or NAF. Its World Wide Modeling technology allows models sharing and cooperation between very large federated organizations, according to each stakeholder’s role. Its integrated Requirement analysis, Risk analysis and Goal analysis support enables a complete traceability and impact analysis throughout very large federated Enterprise Architecture models.

DoDAF, MODAF or NAF modeling support

According to your standard choice, Modelio supports military standards Enterprise Architecture modeling, by providing all required diagrams, dedicated matrixes, and document templates. Modelio provides consistency management of your models, even for large federated repositories.

ov1 maritime rescue

Strategic view extended support


Modelio SA - UPDM integrates requirement analysis, Risk analysis, goal analysis, and glossary definition. Requirements, Risks or Goals can be edited through dedicated spreadsheet editors, can be graphically represented, can be traced with the models, can be imported from MS-Word document or can be exported/imported to/from Excel.

See the Modelio Analyst capacities

Traceability & impact analysis support

Modelio provides a graphical link editor that displays different types of links (for example, traceability links), enabling you to browse the entire model through its links.

Traceability management, multi-dimensional browsing in complex models, and browsing all dimensions of enterprise architecture (vision, business, application, and so on) within a single repository are features which are particularly useful to a business architect.

The Modelio link editor also supports impact analysis, by providing links arriving from the opposite direction and arriving at a given element (for example, who implements such and such a requirement?).

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Document generation

doc web

Documents are an important result from Enterprise Architecture work. Modelio generates MS-Word or HTML documents according to your document templates, thus guaranteeing a permanent model/document consistency, and automating the documentation activity.

See Modelio Document Publisher for more details.

Adapting the Enterprise Architecture framework to your context


MODAF, DoDAF or NAF are very broad Enterprise Architecture modeling frameworks, which need bespoke adaptation for every organization. Modelio can be customized to support your own methodology, your technical context and your partner’s cooperation requirements.

Modelio SA - UPDM is fully extensible and customizable. Organizations can adapt the supported model extensions, add new model elements, define or withdraw diagram types, add consistency checks, generate specific documentations, implement specific modeling wizards, and define dedicated matrixes.

The integrated Modelio Studio tool enables a dedicated customization without programming.

See Modelio Studio for more details

Dedicated Consulting services

Modeliosoft provides consulting services in order to adapt Modelio to your context. With only a few days consulting support, the tool can be adapted to get bespoke modeling capacities, and dedicated documents, matrixes, consistency checks. Modeliosoft consultants can also help you in defining the proper methodology, and/or modeling practices.

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