Modelio SD C#

Dedicated to C#/.Net developers, designers and architects
wishing to model .Net architectures and applications.

Key Features

Modelio SD C# increases efficiency and improves code quality for C# developers, designers and architects:

customizationModelio SD C# can be extended to manage requirements analysis, generate documentation or generate/reverse SQL schemas.

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UML and BPMN modeling

Modelio SD C# provides support for UML, BPMN, SOA and Enterprise Architecture modeling, together with modeling wizards (intelligent drag and drop, smart element creation, complex element capture) to make your life easier. Models can be exchanged between modeling tools using the XMI import/export feature.

UML and BPMN modeling

C# code generation and reverse engineering


The Modelio SD C#'s high-speed, robust C# code generation and reverse engineering features will become an indispensable companion to your C# developers in their daily work.

UML/code synchronization

Modelio SD C# guarantees that your UML architecture and your C# code are constantly maintained in sync in model-driven or full roundtrip modes.


Makefile generation


Modelio SD C# can automatically generate project makefiles for a specified project configuration definition. This automates both code and binary production.

This high-quality, consistent and automated application production mechanism facilitates continuous integration processes, maintenance and workgroup support.

Full support of C# 4

C# 4 offers a number of advantages and it is fully supported in our UML tools for C# design. C# specific notions such as events, delegates, iterators, containers are supported by Modelio at the modeling level and by the C# generator. C# properties can be created and managed at the model level.


User interface for C#


Modelio SD C# provides C# tool boxes and property windows to help you use UML in your C# development. C# concepts like "properties" can be directly used with UML, while the built-in C# editor with syntax highlighting is perfect for quick edits.

Works with your favorite IDE

Modelio SD C# fits right into existing coding habits and environments. It can be seamlessly integrated into Visual Studio source file management system, meaning that C# projects are generated by Modelio while changes in the code using Visual Studio can be easily retrieved in the UML architecture.


C# document generation


Developers often document their code using C# comments. C# comments are supported by Modelio SD C# and can be accessed while browsing the model. Developers can produce documentation by reusing C# comments for generated documentation.


Modelio SD C# is completely extensible through its open Java API and metamodel, its "profile" extension mechanism, its "Pattern Designer" tool and the standard customization mechanisms.

Developers can easily change rules to handle sets (associations), extend basic modeling types and their Java correspondence, automate generation to popular frameworks like NHibernate, and define their own development procedures, such as continuous integration automation or changes to the delivery procedures used within a team.