Modelio video tutorials

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Modeling with Modelio

Main features of Modelio

Duration: 4:44

It may take you some time to discover the full functional and ergonomic richness of Modelio. In the meantime, discover some of Modelio's main features by watching this demo.

Modelio link editor

Duration: 3:44

Models are complex graphs, and this new Modelio 2.1 feature enables you to navigate through different kinds of links (generalization, trace, import, ...) using a dedicated graph browser.

Modelio rich text editing

Duration: 2:51

Analysts need to combine their favorite text editors and office tools with their modeling tool. Modelio integrates MS-Word, MS-Office or LibreOffice, enabling you to attach any rich text (graphic or table) to model elements, in order to use it when you generate documentation.

Main features of Document Publisher

Duration: 4:34

Learn how to quickly generate documentation from your models.

Advanced features of Document Publisher

Duration: 3:12

Watch this video to find out how to go further with the Document Publisher module. Learn how to assemble multiple documents and obtain a customized and attractive documentation in different formats (HTML, OpenXML, ...).

Apply a design pattern

Duration: 6:34

This tutorial shows how to apply a design pattern to an existing model. For this, we use a feature embedded in the Modelio tool (Modeliosoft distribution). This feature is embedded in Modelio in its version 3.4.0.

Model Driven Development : UML/Java

Overview of Java Designer

Duration: 5:20

Watch this demo to find out how you can boost your Java productivity and quality with Modelio and UML using Modelio Java Designer.

Java reverse and improved Javadocs

Duration: 2:53

Find out how Modelio can reverse Java code to build a UML architectural view, and how Modelio can improve existing Javadocs by inserting browsable UML architecture diagrams.

Java utility methods

Duration: 2:05

Learn how Modelio can automatically generate Java utility methods and keep them up-to-date when the model is modified.

JUnit tutorial

Duration: 4:12

Learn how to generate a JUnit test model from a Java model.

Requirements integrated to the Model

Requirements embedded in models

Duration: 25:57

This demo shows the many requirement views (diagrams, spreadsheets, forms, link editors, matrixes, Excel coupling), the generation of document, traceability analysis, connections to other model elements, and the broad usage between several repositories (constellation).

Models portfolio, models administration, World Wide Modeling

Constellation demo

Duration: 18:20

Demo model governance within enterprises (contains sound).