Modelio: New version 3.7 Improves BPM/BPMN support and provides dedicated GUI for each user profile


Modeliosoft is proud to introduce our new Modelio 3.7 version, which enhance Modelio users’ experience.


New "Document" view on model elements

For each model element, Modelio manages many document related features. As a convenient way to handle this, a dedicated document view has been created. By selecting a model element, the user accesses:

  • Its textual descriptions,
  • Related diagrams (focused on the element and where the element appears)
  • Matrices
  • Linked internal and external documents
  • Document previews
  • Document generation and document attachment actions.

modelio37 documentviewDocument view: The current element (“Browser” Class) appears in three diagrams, has an attached note, external document and a Wiki link that (as selected) appears as a preview.

The document template editor has been renewed in order to increase its power and ease of use.


A fit-to-user’s-expertise GUI

Using the new “Workbench” feature of Modelio, users select the modeling capacities that suit their expertise (i.e. data modeler, Business Architect, Java Architect, BPM analyst, Requirements analyst, etc.). The Modelio GUI and model support is then focused on each user’s expertise, improving its simplicity and efficiency.

Thanks to Constellation, administrators and project managers can specify workbenches for user profiles.

modelio37 workbenches analyst 800
modelio37 workbenches archimate 800

Two workbenches, one for Requirement analysts; the other for Archimate practitioners, provide two different views on the same project


Improved BPM / BPMN support

BPM activities require to define the enterprise context in which processes are executed: defining intervening roles and organization units, connecting processes to handled data, providing an overview of flows and processes, connecting processes to supporting applications...

Modelio supports this through a smooth BPMN/UML integration. The BPMN2 support has been improved in order to simplify the user experience, with a business oriented view of BPMN models. Graphical wizards and interactors provide an easy and agile BPMN modeling support.

modelio37 bpmn 800

New dedicated document templates, designed by SOFTEAM’s BPM senior consultants, provide a highly professional document generation for business processes.


Ergonomics improvements

Diagrams are enriched with new diagram styles, and appealing palette and symbol GUIs.

The FLE (Fast Link Editor), is now entirely generic, with a simpler and more powerful GUI, making traceability and impact analysis support even more efficient.

modelio37 ergonomics fle"FLE" – Model links diagram editor

modelio37 symbol viewSet easily your graphical preferences with the "Symbol" view


Download Modelio 3.7.0