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Key features

C++/CLI code generation

Modelio SD C++ :

  • provides the fast, robust capabilities of a C ++ code generator for users' daily C++ development
  • manages the complexity of the C++ language, generating detailed code which takes into account even minor details of the UML model,
  • supports C++ templates and collections as well as the STL library, putting the full power of the latest C++ standards at your service,
  • supports the C++ and CLI standard for users working on .Net development, as well as the MFC library.

Advanced settings

Modelio SD C++ provides off-the-shelf generation options for STL or MFC that can also be extended to other libraries.
With its powerful code template technique based on Jython, Modelio SD C++ can be adapted to any specific code generation context.

génération de code C++

Accessors, dedicated C++ ergonomics

Modelio SD C++ provides editing boxes and C++ property windows, to help you use UML in your C++ developments. C++ concepts, such as "static" fields or "native" methods, can be used directly with UML, while the built-in C++ editor, with its syntax highlighting, is perfect for fast editing.

The product makes it easier and faster for developers to automatically generate an attribute's accessors.

C++ attribute edition

Code/Model synchronization: Model-Driven

Modelio SD C++ guarantees that your UML architecture and your C++ code are constantly maintained in sync in model-driven mode.

Modelio SD C++ fits right into existing coding habits and environments. It can be seamlessly integrated into popular IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio, ...), meaning that generated C++ files are automatically managed by the IDE and changes in the code can be easily retrieved through the UML architecture. Makefiles generated by Modelio SD C++ can also be used in the IDE.

synchronisation code modèle

Pattern application

Modelio provides a model pattern creation functionality, a powerful mechanism for quickly implementing design patterns used in C ++.

Design patterns

C++ code reverse engineering

Modelio SD C++ provides a functionality to reverse an application or a part of a C++ application to create a UML model. The reverse tool offers different options for recovering the structure of the C++ application from simple structural recovery to complete recovery of all application content.

reverse de code C++

Makefile, Doxygen

Modelio SD C++ can automatically generate project Makefiles for a specified project configuration definition. This automates both code and binary production.
This high-quality, consistent and automated application production mechanism facilitates continuous integration processes, maintenance and workgroup support.

Developers often document their code using "Doxygen". Doxygen comments can also be created in the Modelio repository, and can be accessed while you browse the model. Developers can produce Doxygen documents through Modelio SD C++ by re-using text written for generated documentation.

C++ édition de projet

CppUnit unit test generation/synchronization

Modelio SD C++ allows you to use the CppUnit module that generates models and test code from your C++ model.

Cpp Unit

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