Modelio "à la carte"

modelio a la carte

Assemble on the shelf modules to configure your bespoke Modelio
Define your own modules to extend and customize Modelio

Just select Modules to combine them

  • Modules can provide new or specific capacities to Modelio (modeling extensions, code generation, tool coupling, model checking, document generation, ...)
  • By selecting modules, you can dynamically add, withdraw or combine them.

project configuration module

Modelio Pricing

Modelio is an extremely flexible tool. You can add some modules to your Modelio product.
Contact our sales team for more information about possible combinations and pricing.

Modelio Server Pricing

Modelio Server is an additional web tool that manages multi-projects, roles and federated repositories. See Modelio Server description.
Contact our sales team for more information about this tool and its pricing.

Floating vs NodeLocked licenses

Prices are provided for nodelocked licenses. Need to share licenses between several users? Floating licenses are for you. Directly contact our sales team for this. See why to choose node-locked or floating licences.

Contact our sales service

Any combination Is possible. Our sales service can provide you a quick quote for the best suited product.

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