Modelio Constellation

Enterprise & large systems wide models support

Modelio Constellation enables models/projects governance and centralized administration, the establishment of indicators and the definition of automated procedures - reports, audit, code generation and continuous integration, document portal update… Constellation supports enterprise federations, and repositories federation whatever their heterogeneity.
The web administration interface provides a convenient management tool to project managers or repository administrators.



Business Benefits

  • Models & projects governance
  • Federated enterprises: support of complex organizations
  • Global traceability (organization/system scale)
  • Models sharing and reuse
  • Participants and models organization
  • Easy models/projects administration
  • Flexibility for distributed teams and repositories, cloud and nomadic work

Benefits for a developer


Benefits for a project manager


Key features

  • Projects/Models portfolio management:
    • Projects catalogs
    • Decomposition and organization into "Model Fragments"
    • Inter projects links
    • Versions & Variants
  • Centralized administration,
  • Resources management:
    • Users
    • Profiles (expertise, access rights)
    • LDAP import
  • Communication : Reports, dashboard, project news, activities
  • Project processes support: administration, process automation, administration, document portal, reporting, access rights and profiles
  • Workgroup support
  • Web interface

Webinar video - Model governance within enterprises

webinar constellation demo
See the demo and the presentation

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