Modelio BA - Enterprise Architect

Dedicated to architects
working on enterprise architecture modeling,
based on the TOGAF, ArchiMate, BPMN and UML standards.

Goal and requirement analysis

Vision, goals and requirements are all part of the Enterprise Architecture model. Business requirements and IT requirements are also key elements in mastering the evolution of the enterprise and the IS, playing a central part in the TOGAF Architecture Development Method.

Modelio BA Enterprise Architect supports goal and requirement analysis in the model, importing them from MS-Word documents, combining them and tracing them with the EA architectures.

Goal and requirement analysis

Business process modeling

Business process modeling

Business processes need to be identified and organized through business maps (TOGAF event diagrams). Their characteristics and the indicators derived from their related goals determine which process must be detailed using BPMN (TOGAF flow diagrams).

The Modelio BA Enterprise Architect's model integration enables architects to reuse elements from the organization (for example, actors or business units) or from business entities when modeling processes.

Business architecture modeling

Modelio BA Enterprise Architect supports TOGAF's business architecture modeling and, in particular, modeling of enterprise organization, business processes, business locations, business functions and business entities. These aspects are important to provide a complete and detailed view of the enterprise.

Business architecture modeling

Data architecture modeling

Data architecture modeling

Modelio BA Enterprise Architect provides a completely coherent view of application architecture, from initial concepts to technical architecture. The semantics of a business can be captured using the business entities conceptual model. These entities will be handled by business processes, business and IS services. Data models can be derived, and SQL schemas generated.

Application architecture modeling

The application architecture model derives from the business architecture model. Business processes, business entities, actors, business, IT requirements and other business information drive the design of an aligned architecture.

Modelio BA Enterprise Architect supports SOA architecture modeling, resulting in the most modern IS architectures.

Application architecture modeling

Technology architecture modeling

Technology architecture

Where will the IS execute? How many servers will be needed? Where will they be located? Will we use cloud computing? How will the network be dimensioned? These are just a few of the questions that technology architecture will help answer.

Modelio BA Enterprise Architect supports technology architecture modeling, providing a comprehensive, TOGAF-compliant view of the IS and its business implementation.

Architecture repository

The Enterprise Architecture Repository is a fundamental asset of the enterprise that needs high ends management tools. After several Enterprise Architecture cycles, it contains key knowledge on the enterprise’s organization, business and IT architecture. Repository management, distribution and federation management, version management, roles and access management, consistency and traceability management are some of the issues that need to be addressed.

Modelio BA Enterprise Architect provides a unified repository covering the entire scope of enterprise architecture modeling. It guarantees the consistency of the models in the repository, ensures global traceability, and provides impact analysis services.

Adding the recommended Teamwork Manager module enables coordination of team cooperation between the different enterprise architecture stakeholders in the enterprise.

Using the Constellation extension provides a centralized WEB administration support for the repository and projects, portfolio management support, access roles support, multi-projects and federated organizations support.

Architecture repository

Document, catalog and matrix generation

Project documentation

Modelio BA Enterprise Architect automatically generates documents from models. Depending on the document target (requirement analysis, business process definition, design, use cases, class diagrams), architects can choose one of the numerous document templates provided, or use custom templates specific to an organization. HTML, MS-Word and LibreOffice output is also supported.

Watch a demo on document generation

Integrated documentation capture

Modelio's support of rich text edition means that you can document any model element or diagram using your favorite editor (MS-Word, LibreOffice, ...), which is integrated with Modelio. This feature provides you with a unique means of combining models and documentation to support your analysis work.

Watch a demo on Modelio's rich text editor

Rich text editor

Graphical link editor/Impact analysis

Traceability and impact analysis

Modelio provides a graphical link editor that displays different types of links (for example, traceability links), enabling you to browse the entire model through its links.

Traceability management, multi-dimensional browsing in complex models, and browsing all dimensions of enterprise architecture (vision, business, application, and so on) within a single repository are features which are particularly useful to a business architect.

The Modelio link editor also supports impact analysis, by providing links arriving from the opposite direction and arriving at a given element (for example, who implements such and such a requirement?).

Integration of the TOGAF, ArchiMate, UML and BPMN standards in Modelio

Modelio BA Enterprise Architect supports TOGAF and ArchiMate, based on the UML and BPMN standards that it extends and adapts.

In this way, Modelio BA Enterprise Architect provides a unique alignment between these standards, enabling the use of notations recommended by TOGAF (BPMN, Use Cases, …) but not supported by ArchiMate.

Find out more about Modelio BA Enterprise Architect's support of the ArchiMate standard...

Integrated support of standards

Enterprise context customization

Modelio BA Enterprise Architect provides an off-the-shelf modeling solution for TOGAF using UML, BPMN and TOGAF dedicated extensions.

However, many companies have their own enterprise architecture framework and need to adapt their use of standards. Modelio BA Enterprise Architect is fully extensible and customizable, and architects can change supported model extensions, add new model elements, define or withdraw diagram types, add consistency checks, generate specific documentations, implement specific modeling wizards, and so on.